Thursday 7th September, Gangneung, South Korea

AGM, Gangneung ’06

International Formula Windsurfing Class is pleased to announce its Annual General Meeting which will be held Thursday 7th September 2006 @ 20.00hrs, venue : Gyeungpodae Beach, Gangneung, South Korea, during the FW World Championships 2006.
International Formula Windsurfing Class Association Annual General Meeting

up-dated: 16.09.2006

NEW!!! Minutes(posted 16.09.2005)


1. Welcome , and registration of delegates and votes.
2. Minutes of the 2005 AGM -Melbourne,AUS – and any matters arising.
3. Chairmans Report.
4. Financial Statement.
5. Class Rule changes: see proposals
6. Championship Rules: consider amendments to rules for 2007- see proposals
link (to Championship Rules 2006)
7. Future Championship venues and structure: see proposals
8. Elections: the existing committee are standing down, but offering themselves for re-election: see proposals
9. Any other business (based upon submissions received): see proposals
a)-World Ranking
b)– 2012 Olympics

Delegates are appointed by member national associations, and have one vote (as do committee members); but may represent other member associations from whom he or she has received a proxy vote mandate.
#7.7 ……”A Delegate or Committee Member can have at most, 3 votes: his/her + 2 proxy votes.”

IFWCA Constitution
Delegate Registration Form (- MS Word doc file).
Proxy form