Foil Race 1

Foil Race 12023-10-26T14:19:31+02:00

The International Formula Windsurfing Class introduces the FOIL RACE 1

A multimanufacturer division with one board, one sail and one foil system.

The rules are simple. To be counted in the FOIL RACE 1 division you can register:
1x board
1x hydrofoil (1 front wing, 1 back wing, 1 fuselage, 1 mast)
1x 9sqm sail for men
1x 8sqm sail for women/ youth
1x 7sqm for juniors

Competitors entering the FOIL RACE 1 division are also eligible for the overall FWC title and Age Division trophies, such as Youth or Master, depending on the event. iQFOiL equipment is eligible for the FR1 division.

See you on the race course!

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