Early planing boards and big sails

During the late 90’s a whole new concept of boards and sails became available on the market. These early planing boards and big sails made it possible to have “funboard-type” competition in a wider range of windspeeds, with planing races from 7knots

The concept of Formula Windsurfing was born in France, who successfully pioneered Formula competition in 1998.

On 24th March 1998, Brest, the first Formula Windsurfing contest was held with the top 20 french funboard sailors. During the 4 day competition ten races were held in winds of 6>12 knots.

The event was won by Erik Thieme on a 2.75m. board powered by a 10.0sq.m. sail.

A new class

With the new designs it seemed logical to create a new class that could take advantage of the new technology to appeal to the grassroots windsurfer and allow more visually exciting competition. The new class was formed by joint effort of the International Board Sailing Association (IBSA) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA).

1999, first Worlds

During 1999 many national funboard associations included Formula as a discipline in their national racing circuits. Four international Formula regattas were held, including the first Formula World Championships, in Belgium, won by Wojtek Brzozowski from Poland.

Olympic aspirations

Formula won the support of the Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA), the major windsurfing industry brands, and the windsurfing press world-wide.

Throughout 1999 and 2000 the class and its supporters campaigned for olympic status. They failed in their bid , but since that time Formula Windsurfing has grown; developed into the largest global windsurfer racing class.

International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC)

IBSA managed the class in its early stages of development. During the World Championships in Pattaya,Thailand during december 2000 the inaugural meeting of an independent class was held and a management committee elected. The Formula Windsurfing Class was adopted as an ISAF “International” class in 2001.