Italy, Adriatic Sea, in the venue of Adriatico Wind Club Ravenna, was run the first important Italian event of 2021.

In memory of Dalia Saiani and Lorenza BAllanti , AWC Ravenna managed a very successful event.

The club has been involved in the promotion and organization of windsurfing events for decades and is very experienced to host big numbers of riders.

From 5 to 9 May AWC hosted the first stage of the Italian Cup for Formula Windsurfing fin & Open foil was held. The event was inserted in larger one with IQfoil, T293, Tfoil and open foil.

327 entries have been the signature of success.

Foil sailing and racing is having a strong expansion in Italy too.

Ravenna showed the potential of FW foil to race in light wind conditions and made the difference in the success of the event.

Sunday races reserved a satisfaction to FW fin riders, with a sea breeze of 9 knots-10 knots. Two races were managed in addiction to the four races of the foils.

Many young athletes, who abandoned rs:x after the Italian Olympic nominations, gained the top positions.

IQfoil federal team raced in FW foil class and had an occasion of improvement with the new gear.

First on podium of FW foil the Youth Olympic silver medalist Nicolò Renna, who played poker with four first, second place of Daniele Benedetti, who has concluded at 1 point from Luca Di Tomassi.

First under 17 Luca Franchi (fifth overall) and first under 20 Riccardo Onali (fourth overall).

Marta Monge won women division.

Formula fin division raced on the second day. First place for Francesco Leoni; second place for the stainless Andrea Volpini (3-2), first Grand master and third place for Alessandro Giovini (2-4).