In the weekend of 23 to 25 of April 2021, started the first stage of the Portuguese Championship Formula Windsurfing (Foil and Fin), in the beautiful place of Monsaraz in the Alqueva Lake.

What an amazing start of the Portuguese Championship even in a year with a pandemic, we had 25 competitors in both classes Formula Windsurf Fin and Formula Foil. Monsaraz like usual is a amazing place, with perfect conditions, for competitors and family. This year Monsaraz deliver to all competitors amazing weather, warm temperatures and wind everyday between 12 to 20 knots, perfect for racing in this two classes.

We had 13 races, with perfect conditions, also the Club of Lagos deliver also perfect courses for racing.

This year also in Portugal we start a new format of Championships, with much more cover from the media, pictures, movies, and we still preparing the last oficial movie from the Monsaraz Championship, we are preparing everything for windsurfing grow even more in Portugal.

Regarding the racing itself, the first 10 guys the racing was very tight, except the first place that Miguel won 11 races in 13, Miguel is still a little in front of the fleet, but even so the Portuguese fleet is much more tight than Formula Fin, its is very good news.


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