This race has been valid even for the Italian Cup and Swiss Windsurfing Cup.

Three sunny and warm days welcome 42 competitors composed by 20 Italians, 19 Swiss, 1 German, 1 English and the Australian Sean O’Brian AUS-120. Even if the European partecipation was almost missing, the event has been amizing.

The Yacht Club Domaso President and the organizer Dario Mocchi ITA-8080 offered ENERVIT energy bars and gels, photo and video reporters and beauty products; moreover they organized an interesting wine and food tasting in a cave with typical wines produced in the countryside of Domaso, competitors dinner in a restaurant on the lake and a great buffet after the price giving cerimony.

On friday a breeze of 6-10 kts allowed only one race where Sean O’Brian AUS-120 beated Marco Begalli ITA-415 and the young Jan Orsatti SUI-27, only 13 competitors finished on time.

Saturday the “Breva” wind blows up to 15 kts and on Sunday up to 20 kts allowing a total amount of 8 races. Richard Stauffacher SUI-31 got almost always the 1st place followed by Sean O’Brian AUS-120. The 3rd place has been fighted a lot between Marco Begalli and Jan Orsatti, but at the end Orsatti got the 3rd position.

The competition area was not easy, a lot of hard strategic work and lots of preparation was needed to face choppy and windy conditions.

Other competitors that reached the Top3 were the emerging Italian talent Christopher Frank ITA-211 and Andrea Colombo SUI-631.

After 8 races and 2 discards the prices went to:

1° overall Richard Stauffacher SUI-31

2° overall Sean O’Brian AUS-120

3° overall Jan Orsatti SUI-27 (1st U20)

4° overall Marco Begalli ITA-415 (1° GranMaster)

5° overall Matteo Colombo SUI-163 (1° Lightweight)

1° Master Gianni Bolla ITA-334 (14° overall)

1° Female Simona Mascellani ITA-868 (40° overall)

What will remain from this regatta won’t be only the new friendship and the laught, but espetially will remain the numbers of growing young competitors that from 16 yo demonstrate that the Formula Windsurfing is an amazing discipline that everyone can face with very good results!

All pictures will be soon available on:

Dario Mocchi ITA-8080

North-West Italian Responsible