Hua Hin Thailand, 17.30 local

Today the wind shifted from North to South East, 7-10 knots. Not the perfect conditions (winds from the South)yet but very promising for tomorrow.

Race officer Rudy Steiner first called out the Mistral youth fleet at 14.00h for two races. Followed at 15.30 by the Formula Fleet. Soon after the start, the fleet sread out with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG-3 and Wojtek Brzozowski POL-10 (both Starboard, Neil Pryde) battling for the lead. In

the end Gonzalo won before Wojtek with Tha 44, Phanuthat Ruamsap in third place. First lady was Dorota (13th overall) Due to the light winds and the wide spread fleet, only 19 competitors finished within the time limit.

Right after the finish, the wind dropped well below the 7 knot mark

making a 2nd race impossible.

The winds look promishing for tomorrow and an early start is scheduled.

..check the results.