Dear FW Committee,

1. I have one question regarding how far the tuning of a board is allowed inside the FW rules. We have the case of Drops that want to tune their boards with some rigid foam pieces glued into the tail cutouts of the board as you can see per attached photo (those greenish triangles).

As the race season is about to start, we would like to have this thing clarified so to avoid endless discussions at the races.

Peter Munzlinger

AIWC Committee Member

2. Following the discussions about equipment I was made aware of one big concern of some amateur racers. They are not able to efford expensive carbon booms So they are using normal booms. As this booms are not durable and stiff enough at almost 3m length they have made holes in the monofilm of their sails and towwed a rope from one side of the boom to the other.

How should we treat this?

Matthias Regber

(vice Chairman Formula Windsurfing Class)


Rules and Board and Sail alterations

The International Formula Windsurfing Class Rules prevent damage repairs or alterations or additions that change any of the original lines of the board or fittings positioning. The only exception to this is that the position of the footstrap fittings may be altered, this exception is permitted in accordance with the rules governing ISAF Production boards, and is not prevented in the FW Class rules.

Sails that have been FW Class registered shall not be recut or altered and shall comply with the dimensional restrictions on the registration sheet for that sail . Any eligible registered damaged sail that has had significant major repairs or panel replacement or luff pocket alterations shall be subject to measurement control before it is again eligible for use in International FW regattas. It is the owners responsibility to notify the measurers of the alterations or repairs prior to the start of racing.

A single circular hole in the body of the sail in the plane of the boom, to facilitate the fitting of a boom brace line, shall not be considered to be an alteration. The maximum diameter of such a hole shall be 75mm.

Peter England

FW Class C/Measurer