The coastal town of Puck, Poland, became the epicenter of windsurfing excitement from June 17 to June 22, 2024, as it hosted the Formula Windsurfing Foil World Championships. With 117 competitors from 12 countries across two continents, the event was a melting pot of talent, strategy, and determination. Over the span of six days, athletes competed in 21 thrilling  course races, battling to secure their place in windsurfing history.


The Men’s division saw fierce competition, culminating in Stanislaw Trepczyński (POL 777), born in 2005, being crowned the new World Champion. Stanislaw’s outstanding performance, marked by numerous first-place finishes, earned him a total of 21.0 points. His consistent top finishes demonstrated his dominance and skill in the sport.

Securing second place was Dominik Lewinski (POL 636), with a score of 53.0 points and third Michał Maziarka (POL 21), claimed third place with 59.0 points.


The Women’s division was equally competitive, with Maja Kuchta (POL 7) taking the crown. Maja dominated the competition with several first-place finishes, showcasing her exceptional skill and tenacity.

Close behind was Martyna Duzowska (POL 413), who finished second. Martyna’s versatility and talent were evident as she excelled in both the Youth and Women’s divisions. Kristýna Pinosová (CZE 289) secured third place.


In the Masters Paweł Dittrich, the triumphed once again to regain his World Championship title. Paweł consistent performances across all races secured him the top spot, underscoring the value of experience in windsurfing.

Youth Men

Igor Lewiński triumphed in the Youth division finishing ahead of his teammates Maciej Dąbek and Krzysztof Laszewski.

Juniors Division

The Juniors division was a testament to the bright future of windsurfing, with young talents displaying remarkable skill and composure. Leon Jankowski triumphed in the Boys fleet and Julia Przybył in the girls.

A Thrilling Event

The Formula Windsurfing Foil World Championships 2024 in Puck, Poland, was a spectacular display ending with a spectacular cermony. Racing took place almost every day, pushing competitors to their limits. We look forward to bringing more exciting Formula events to you in the future.

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