Dear Friends,
The recent events in Torbole deserve a little comment.
Congratulations to Circolo surf Torbole, who was a perfect host of the event.
Thanks to Garda Trentino who gave us wonderful winds for 19 thrilling regattas
Thanks to Thomas Goyard and Fernando Martinez del Cerro for joining the Board of the Formula Windsurfing Class.
Thanks to all the athletes who love class and believe in its sporty model.
We will improve together.
Thanks to all the producers of foils, sails and boards, who invest in research to increase the performance of the equipment. The Class reserves
from now spaces on its media channels for them and for the athletes to ensure that everyone is happy to work and have fun together.

Last but not least, Thanks to Piotr Oleksiak for the incredible work he does.

Good wind to all, Francesco Zarbo

During the Championships the Class AGM was held, minutes below.

Minutes of the AGM.