Nago-Torbole (North Lake Garda, Italy) – Fantastic start in Torbole, on Garda Trentino, of

the Formula Foil World Championships, multi-brand foil series boards according to precise

rules of rating, competing at Circolo Surf Torbole until Wednesday 22 June. The strong

wind that blew from late morning up to 20 knots, on one hand mitigated the heat and on

the other allowed 6 races to be held, which immediately highlighted the eve’s favourites.

There were two groupings with separate starts: group A with seniors and youths (under 20)

and group B with the youngest juniors (under 17). After the first 6 races of the 25

scheduled, the first two positions in the men’s senior category went to France with the two

very strong Goyard brothers: Nicolas, European champion of the iQFoil Olympics, fresh

winner of the mythical Defi Wind, and currently first with 4 points ahead of his brother

Thomas, silver medalist in Tokyo (RS:X class). Third position for the Swiss Elia Colombo,

while the first Italian and first in the youth category is the Circolo Surf Torbole athlete

Manolo Modena, sixth overall and tailed by teammate Jacopo Gavioli. Third under 20 is

the Slovakian Kubin. Italy is also in pole position among the women with home athlete

Sofia Renna, ahead of Linda Oprandi.

Also racing in the regatta were the very young juniors, under 17, but many of them are just

14 years old and already showing a certain confidence and ability on the foil boards.

Seemingly unopposed was the strong Circolo Surf Torbole athlete Leonardo Tomasini, who

racked up a complete series of first partials, catching up with many competitors in group A

who had started first. The other two Circolo Surf Torbole athletes Mattia Saoncella and

Valentino Blewett also achieved six seconds and six thirds each, confirming their

respective positions. Among the girls Anna Polettini and Medea Falconi, at their first foil

racing experiences, are close in the overall ranking.

Sunday’s start is scheduled for 1pm with the interesting battle between the seniors,

including Dutchman Luuc Van Opzeeland (bronze medallist at the iQFoil European

Championship), who has all the potential to challenge the Goyard brothers. The event,

organised in collaboration with the International Windsurfing Association and the Italian

Sailing Federation, as well as the Garda Trentino Vela Consortium for the management of

the virtual gps-anchored electric buoys, counts the participation of 13 nations, including

Mexico and Singapore.

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by Elena Giolai