Thanks to the dedication of a few visionaries, people with a mission, this week we had 70 competitors from 11 countries and 3 continents coming to Puck, in these challenging times, to compete at the Formula Windsurfing Foil Youth and Masters World Championships.

Puck and the Formula Windsurfing Class has a special place in the recent history of windsurfing and foiling in particular and the future is bright.

The future is bright because of youth appeal, which has clearly been demonstrated at this event. The future is bright because the class can serve as the testing ground for new equipment, which can one day become Olympic. The future is bright because of the great people involved around the world.

Puck delivered as it has always had in the past. 19 races were sailed during the week in conditions ranging from 10 to 22 kts. It was the locals, who came up top.

In the Masters fleet Bartlomiej Kwiek was batteling for the title with Formula Windsurfing legend Janis Preiss from Latvia. Bartek despite breaking his foil mast on one of the days managed to win in convincing style coming first in 12 races.

The newly crowned champion was content with his performance –

It’s nice that I was with my whole family, it’s great that it was in the beautiful Puck, where I know every wave, gust, and all the fish too.

The last sentence referring to his adventures looking for sunken foil parts in the depth of Puck Bay.

Janis Preiss, who came to the regatta with his son (youngest in the fleet), was second overall and Paweł Dittrich third.

Over at the Youth fleet it was close right up to the very end. Michał Polak secured his title on the final day ahead of Dominik Lewiński and Kamil Manowiecki. Pola Wawrzyniak

Finished first overall among the girls followed by Aleksandra Wasiewicz and Karolina Gajdzińska.

Next in the calendar for the class are the European Championships in September.



3 Giedrius Liutkus LTU

2 Janis Preiss LAT

1 Bartlomiej Kwiek POL

Grand Masters

3 Jacek Wróż POL

2 Witold Dudzinski POL

1 Pawel Dittrich POL


2 Sergey Pavlenko RUS

1 Stefan Voxby SWE

Masters Overall

3 Pawel Dittrich POL

2 Janis Preiss LAT

1 Bartlomiej Kwiek POL

Junior Girl

3 Linda Falkiewicz

2 Karolina Gajdzińska

1 Aleksandra Wasiewicz

Youth Girl Overall

3 Karolina Gajdzińska

2 Aleksandra Wasiewicz

1 Pola Wawrzyniak

Junior Boy

3 Igor Lewinski

2 Konrad Machura

1 Maciej Pietrzak

Youth Boy Overall

3 Kamil Manowiecki

2 Dominik Lewinski

1 Michal Polak

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