On December 15 the Formula Windsurfing 2020 AGM took place online through the Zoom platform.

Very important issues for the Class Rules of the foil division have been voted on, so I invite everyone to take note of the news and the fact that some of them will be in force from January 2021, while others from January 2022.

I warmly thank all the delegates and observers admitted to the discussion for their contribution and exchange of views. A special thanks to Monty Spindler and Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, who offered us their point of view not only from experienced riders, but also on behalf of equipment manufacturers.

I think that the new Class Rules approved for the FW foil division will allow us to include other foil monotypes in our regattas without them suffering competitiveness gaps. I am referring to the juniors who will be able to race with a maximum sail of 8.00 square meters, thus making the Techno Wind Foil al pry of the iQFOiL Junior competitive as a FW foil board.

I am referring to the seniors who, with a maximum sail of 10 square meters, will not keep the iQFOiL away from our competitions.

Happy holidays to all. see you at the regattas,