Letter from the chairman

Dear friends,

I have spent a lot of time consulting with many of you who run and develop foil equipment.

I believe that the class should not fall into the mistake that in the past has removed many athletes from our regattas: the 12.5 m2 sail frightened many and had no market among passionate people who did not race, thus not making possible the production of part of the brands and technical development.

Today FW foil must find a class configuration that not only allows racing in a wide wind range, but also allows as many athletes as possible to compete with each other fairly.

For this reason, proposals have been formulated to discipline the class rules relating to the maximum size of the sail, for seniors, for women, for under 20s and for juniors.

Proposals have also been introduced to adjust the maximum dimensions of the foil appendix, which take into account what has been seen in the regattas and the indications of many experienced riders, which I decided to consult.

I advocate the approval of these proposals as a whole, to ensure technical equilibrium to the equipment, to allow mass production to be sold to the public and, not least to compete in competitions where everyone can have comparable equipment.

Some of the proposals, if approved, will come into force from January 2022, to allow producers to adjust their work.

Good wind everyone, fz

Submissions for the AGM

1 Maximum Sail Size – Men (Foil Division)

2 Maximum Sail Size – Women and Youth (Foil Division)

3 Maximum Sail Size – Junior (Foil Division)

4 Limiting foil dimensions – mast

5 Limiting foil dimensions – front wing

6 Limiting foil dimensions – fuselage

7 2020 European Championships – Age Categories

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