Dear formula sailors, we are to publish the notice of race of the European FW foil championship, which will run in November in the Azores –

After such a difficult year I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to speak as IFWC chairman to thank everyone, really. I want to thank the athletes, who have taken advantage of every moment in which it was possible to train and compete. I want to thank the national class associations and clubs with their delegates, who, with great difficulty, have allowed us to experience international and national events. I want to dedicate a thought to the memory of Ceri Williams and thank him for his friendship even before the work he has done for the whole windsurfing world until his last day of life.

I want to thank IWA for having been able to guarantee the IFWC total independence and at the same time the entire organizational structure, without which it would not be possible to achieve such important results. IWA is not a container, but a structure that offers extraordinary opportunities, because its extraordinary skills are at the service of sport, above the interests of individual stake holders.

Finally, I want to thank Piotr Oleksiak for accepting the responsibilities that have been of Ceri Williams. He has already shown great professionalism: we will all be able to see what is prepared and available. IFWC awaits you in the Azores with the highest prize money of 2020. Don’t miss it!

Francesco Zarbo