We usually say that waiting is part of the game. Saying that we think of the countless hours competitors spend waiting for wind and racing to begin. No matter what the wind range of a class this happens all too often.

Not in Puck. In Puck it is windy. Sometimes this means we have to wait too, like we did yesterday. After three races in the morning session there was just no way to go out again with the wind blowing steadily over 40 kts and gusting well above 50. Today still strong wind races, but the 20kts that we had were no problem for the ones competing for the World Championship.

We caught up with Wojtek Brzozowski a multiple Formula Windsurfing World Champion, who has had a smile on his face since day one. “It is always better to have strong wind than not have wind at all. It is very stressful to wait on the beach until conditions are favorable, so we are all happy to be here. The conditions are difficult but also satisfying. I can tell everyone, despite being tired, is really happy. The atmosphere is fantastic. I’ve been competing now for 33 years and it is all an adventure, but also my hobby. Everyone here is competing for the top places and I’m here for pleasure. If I manage to get a result it will just add to that. Foiling is a like a fresh breeze. Not only because it is new, but most of all because the feeling is just incredible. It is less physical, I’m not as tired. It is the evolution – everything is going in this direction, both sailing and life. You can say we’re learning to fly.”

Wojtek is currently sixth overall with a couple of top 3 finishes. Leading the fleet is another Formula Windsurfing World Champion Steve Allen from Australia ahead of Elia Colombo from Switzerland and Maciek Rutkowski from Poland. As we still have 15 races to go and a fleet of competitors coming from all sorts of different backgrounds, from Olympic RS:X class through Formula Windsurfing to PWA we will have some great action ahead.

Racing resumes tomorrow at 10:00 with a skippers meeting planned for 9:00.

See you there.