Attention competitors, manufacturers and organizers! The General Rules for the Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2005 have been published. There are only a few changes to the former successful General Rules. The most important one is that the Class Rules of the International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC) and the International Funboard Class Association (IFCA) are now fully applied at all events, also at those where the two disciplines Racing and Slalom are combined.

For Slalom (IFCA) the following equipment is allowed:

– 2 Production Board (according to the IFCA Rules, max. width 85 cm)

– 4 Sails (max. sail size 10,0 m²)

For Racing (Formula Windsurfing) the following equipment is allowed:

– 1 Production Board (according to the IFWC Rules, max. width 100 cm)

– 3 Sails (max. sail size 12,5 m²)

– 3 Fins

A sail can be used in both disciplines. Please check out the official Class Rules in the rules section on for further details.