Hua Hin, March 30, 2002 17.00 local

The final two races for Formula and Mistral in the Thai Airways Formula Windsurfing Asian Pacific Championships today had the same conditions as the past few days. A steady 16-17 knot breeze at the beginning of te racing (13.30) and 20 knots at the finish (15.15). Perfect sailing conditions. A new type of course was sailed today with two marks very close inshore. From the windward mark, the sailors went to a mark 5 meters outside the surf and went from there downwind along the beach to a third mark just outside the surf. After a gibe, the competitors followed the opposite way, upwind along the beach to the second mark and from there to the finish, forcing the competitors to sail upwind just meters outside of the surf. Nothing significant changed in the order of arrival. Both Wojtek and Dorota still comfortably in the lead with straight victories and thus won the event

Racing ended at 15.40 for the last to arrive. Right after, Wojtek gave a 45 minute clinic regarding rigging and perfect tuning to all competitors of both classes. Many others on the beach were interested too. Finally the organizers started a slalom competition in which many competitors took part, using their Formula boards.

We can conclude to say that these Thai Airways Formula Windsurfing Asian Pacific championships were very well organized in a relaxed atmosphere and without exception, all present have had a real good time. Thanks to all the sponsors, Thai Airways, Starboard & Neil Pryde and in particular Race Officer Rudolf Steiner who did an excellent job and the Windsurfing Association of Thailand lead by Thanit Raksanaves.