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The International Windsurfing Association Ltd. (IWA) is pleased to announce that the Professional Windsurfer’s Association (PWA) has joined the IWA as an Associate Member. Phil McGain, the chairman of the PWA, has been invited to sit on the IWA board as a director.


First event: 8th – 14th April Vargas, Gran Canaria, Grand Prix Wave. For information and to follow the event as it happens visit the excellent PWA website: http://www.pwaworldtour.com/

The event to follow – 16-21 April at Leucate – please note that entries will not be handled by the PWA. All sailors wishing to compete in the event should e-mail directly leucate.entry@wanadoo.fr

Additional information is available on their website http://www.mondial-du-vent.com

FORMULA EXPERIENCE Friday, March 01, 2002

This week we formally introduce the new Junior & Youth Class under the working title of Formula Experience. The first reactions on informal announcements were already very positive.

The aim of the new class is twofold:

a. It provides 4 extra world titles to Formula style racing. These will be fully used for juniors and youth competitors.

b. It provides an easy and much cheaper entry to Formula Racing. We all know that Formula is rather expensive and not all juniors and youth (or parents for that matter) can or will invest the required amount of money into the sport.

We strongly believe that the new class will prove to be a big promoter for Formula Racing within a few years. In the same way that Aloha is boosting the Olympic Class, the Junior and Youth class will feed many

young competitors into Formula Windsurfing. As the name implies, the new class is here to provide experience in Formula style racing and hopefully many will become addicted and will be the top level sailors of the future.

Of course, juniors and youth with solid sponsors, preferring direct access into Formula Windsurfing can still do so.

For more info, class rules etc: http://www.junior-windsurfing.org

E-mail: info@junior-windsurfing.org

Starboard: http://www.star-board.com

Bic: http://www.bicsport.com

Marc Cardon

Guy Chilvers

Svein Rasmussen

Theo Don


A reminder to you all that the pre NOR is published and can be visited on either the FW website (www.formulawindsurfing.org) or the IWA website-(www.internationalwindsurfing.com).

From the number of enquiries that have been received at the office, we feel it necessary to clarify the Titles that are to be contested, and the additional PRIZE only categories :

ALOHA World Championships – 3 titles: (Junior ) BOY and GIRL ie .under 17; and (Minim) OPEN ie under 15.

This championships is competed for on Aloha classic longboard only. There will be no Aloha/FW ie Techno 283.

The JUNIOR title is for 14-16 year old sailors; MINIM is for 12-14 year old sailors.

Prizes – only – may be awarded to boy/girl in the minim division.

FORMULA WINDSURFING Youth World Championships – 2 titles: BOY and GIRL ie under 19.

This championship can only be competed for on boards listed on the official FW class list for 2002 -this list is extracted from the list of ISAF approved boards. The list is posted on the official IFWC website – formulawindsurfing.org

If in any doubt contact the class Hon Secretary on fwc@fwc.pl

Prizes – only – may be awarded for the sub division/category of JUNIOR boy and girl.

RACEBOARD World Championships – 4 titles: MEN and WOMEN (7.5 raceboards -don’t forget that includes IMCO O/D equipment); MASTERS open 7.5; and UNLIMITED open.

Prizes – only – may be awarded to “grand-master” in the Masters division; Men/women and masters in Unlimited division.

You can also visit the Event Website – www.largssc.co.uk

You can be sure of a warm welcome in Scotland !









2002 Mistral North American Championship Results


2002 Mistral North American Championship Report


2002 Mistral North American Championship

Feb 26th > March 3rd Merritt Island, FL, USA

35 entries from 7 countries and 2 continents competed in the 2002 Mistral North American Championship run in conjunction with the Calema Midwinters on the sheltered waters of Banana River. Three races were run on the first day in planning conditions.

Day One, Randy Somnitz (USA), racing at high level for the first time since since losing the US Trials in 2000, shows that he has not lost any of his speed and tactical ability by winning race 1 and taking fourth in race 2. However, unsurprsingly, he cannot maintain the pressure and retires from race 3 worn out by the full on planing conditions. David Mier y Teran (Mex) takes full advantage and is the overnight leader with consistent 2, 3, 1 finishes. The forecast looks good for a windy regatta although the warmth of the sun is going to be decidedly absent.

Day 2 and the predicted cold front descends from the mid west bringing a blast of air cold enough to postpone the shuttle launch scheduled for today. Two back to back races are scheduled for the morning session, both of which are won by Takishima Keisuke (JPN) in fine style. David Mier y Teran (MEX) and Peter Wells (USA) are close behind with Randy Somnitz mixing it with these three at the front of the fleet. Further back there is a battle royal

going on in the youth division with Cezariusz Piorczyk (POL), Zac Plavsic (CAN) and Philip Muller (USA) all competing hard to be the best of the rest. Meanwhile Kimberly Birkenfeld I(USA) and Dominique Vallee (CAN) are fighting for dominance in the women’s division. Sadly, Takishima’s boom fails in the third race and he has to retire. Randy takes full advantage to post his first win of the day with David Mier y Teran (MEX) 2nd and Ben Barger (USA) 3rd.

Day 3 (Day 1 for the calema Midwinters) and race 1 is started in lively conditions. The less skilled sailors in all fleets are having problems. Racing is postponed to allow the rescue boats to sweep up those overcome by the 22>25 knot winds. Sadly, the FW fleet have their races postponed for the rest of the day but the Mistral fleet goes out alone for their second race. Takishima is revelling in the heavy air and posts a 1st and a 2nd. His countryman and room mate Yamanashi Takahito is also putting in a strong performance posting two 3rd places but the surprise package is Tati Frans (AHO), new to One Design racing and competing in his first North Americans, who steps up to =take a 1st and a 4th. Given more time on a One Design, Tati, still only 17, will defintely be a threat to the established names.

Day 4 (Day 2 for the calema Midwinters) and the conditions have moderated considerably. Three races are scheduled with an early start. The organizers are pushing to make up for lost time. Peter Wells (USA) scores three 2nd places and assures himself of a podium position behind Takishima and David Mier y Teran who posts two first places to take the top spot. Tati comes through again to take 3rd in the first race of the day and Dominique Valle

(CAN) makes a late charge to beat Kimberly Birkenfeld on a count back from a tie in the women’s divsion. Tati Frans (AHO) won the Youth Division convincingly.

Racing alongside the Mistral North Americans are the Junior One Class. This is growing strongly in Mexico as evidenced by the size of the team and Patricio Gasque-MieryTeran’s convincing series posting 9 wins overall. Jadie De Lille (MEX), a second generation windsurf racer, who came 2nd overall and first girl ahead of Oliver-Tom Schliemann (ESP) 3rd. Although starting off the same line as the rest of the One Design Fleet, the juniors only sailed one windward leg before racing on to the downwind leg on the outer loop and finishing. This format works well and simplifies the race management of the whole event.

The MOD racers enjoyed mixing with some of the stars of the PWA tour and were no doubt impressed by the skills displayed by them in their Freestyle competition. No doubt the appreciation was reciprocated when the Mistral fleet in turn demonstrated their skill by racing in the strong breezes of Day 3.



1. David Mier y Teran (MEX)-24 pts

2. Takishima Keisuke (JPN)-28 pts

3. Peter Wells (USA)-34 pts


1. Dominique Valle (CAN)- 131 pts

2. Kimberly Birkenfeld (USA)- 131 pts

3. Beth Winkler (USA)- 178 pts


1. Tati Frans (AHO)- 48 pts

2. Alan Cairillo Vedra (MEX)- 147 pts

3. Enrique Manero Ruz (MEX)- 165 pts


1. Patricio Gasque-Mier Y Teran- 14 pts

2. Jadie de Lille (MEX)- 26 pts

3. Oliver-Tom Schliermann (ESP)- 36 pts


1.Takishima Keisuke (JPN)

2.Tati Frans (AHO)

3.Yamanashi Takahito (JPN)

4.Cezariuz Piorczyk (POL)

5.Ben Barger (USA)

6.Steve Bodner (USA)

7.Philip Muller (USA)

8.Etienne Soliano (AHO)

9.Kevin Jewett (USA)

10.Juan Cruz Ramkirez (MEX)


1. David Mier y Teran (MEX)

2. Peter Wells (USA)

3. Ben Barger (USA)


With winter not yet over in the Northern Hemisphere the first USWA Formula event commenced at Merritt Island, Florida ( http://calema.com) . Local organizer Tinho Dornellas has done a great job building the event up for the past 15 years and now has been sanctioned as the first event on the USWA National Formula Tour 2002 (http://www.uswindsurfing.org).

Top sailors who made the trip included, Current World Champion and local favorite, Kevin Pritchard and Brother Matt Pritchard, Micah Buzianis, Phil McGain, Jimmy Diaz, Gonzolo Costa-Hoevel, Brian Rogild and French champion Antoine Albeau. In the women’s division #1 and #2 in the World Dorota Staszewska and Lucy Horwood were ready to do battle once again. All eyes are watching to see who will show the skills necessary to take the win.

The event was one of the most popular events in the United States with over 200 competitors expected. Formula racing is now full endorsed by the USWA, with over 7 events on the USWA tour this year, Organizers are expecting big growth in 2002. Final numbers on entries is around 250 competitors.

A practice race was held for the Formula Class at the Midwinter Festival the day before the event to get all the bugs worked out with courses and starting . With a course close to the beach the competitors all got a clean start and moved upwind to the first mark. Kevin Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra), rounded in first followed by Antione Albeau (AHD/NP) with Phil McGain (Bic/Gaastra) close behind in 3rd. The race was eventually won by Pritchard, with McGain in second and Micah Buzianis (Mistral/North) moving up to third.

The first race of the event started out in strong winds but the winds picked up even more and most found themselves back at the beach early to change sails or retire from the race. All the top dogs were out on the course feeling comfortable in the strong winds. Kevin Pritchard lead at the first mark coming in on port tack while Albeau tack off after the start came in from the right side of the course, McGain rounded close behind in 3rd with Buzianis and Diaz in 4th and 5th. Pritchard lead at the bottom mark, but it was Albeau now who was looking in control as winds picked up to 35knots. At this time most competitors were struggling to complete the course so decided to head back to the beach anyway they could. By the top mark Albeau looking strong had passed Pritchard, was well on his way to the first place victory. Pritchard finished in second, while McGain finished in 3rd ahead of Buzianis, Diaz, Matt Pritchard and Brian Rogild in 7th.

As the top sailors came into the beach it was apparent that most sailors were floundering in the ballistic winds on the race course trying to guide there big boards back to the beach.

Race officials had there hands full trying to rescue the other sailors still on the water, decided it was unsafe and not practical to run anymore races.

The final day of the event saw perfect formula conditions. The first race of the day was held in 12 to 16 knots of wind and it was a great race. Antoine went for the port tack start and jumped the gun, going over early. Hot out of the blocks was Kevin Pritchard, charging his way to the top mark in first. With the winds lightening off a bit, Brian Rogild from Denmark, squeaked past Pritchard to take his Starboard/ Gaastra for this one and his only victory for the event. In the next race it was Pritchard off to a commanding lead and it was just too much for anyone to catch him.

The next race saw Pritchard to the top mark in first place, but with the winds continuing to ease off, Albeau Ahd/NP passed Pritchard on the downwind to take the victory. The 5th and final race of the event was the lightest of all. Everyone on the biggest equipment possible saw the lightweights come out to shine with Gonzolo Costa-Hoevel Starboard/NP taking the victory for the final race.

In the end it was Antoine Albeau (Ahd/NP) and Kevin Pritchard (Bic/Gaastra) tying for the win in the formula A division, both finishing with a total of 7 points. In the tie breaker it was Antoine coming out on top with the better finish in the last race, crowning him the Midwinters Champion. Micah Buzianis finished strongly in third.

The 2002 Midwinters was a great success. Good wind, great competition, and most importantly a strong turnout of competitors.

1. Antoine Albeau Ahd/Neil Pryde

2. Kevin Pritchard Bic/Gaastra

3. Micah Buzianis Mistral/North

4. Gonzolo Costa-Hoevel Starboard/Neil Pryde

5. Brian Rogild Starboard/Gaastra

6. Jimmy Diaz Ahd/Neil Pryde

7. Devon Boulon Mistral/North.

8. Phil McGain Bic/Gaastra

9. Marc Conrad Starboard/Gaastra

10.Matt Pritchard AHD/Gaastra

Women A division 11.0

1. Dorota Staszewska POL 1

2. Lucy Horwood GBR95

3. Gina Rodrigues DOM 28

Women Sport division 9.5

1. Chris Mulready

2. Isabella Rosete

3. Sally Stubbs

For all results go to http://calema.com or

FW news- http://formulawindsurfing.org


The only changes to the Funboard rules that IFCA requests is in our championship rules, which can be viewed on the website or e-mail info@internationalwindsurfing.com for copy.

There are no changes to the IFC measurement rules.


The International Formula Windsurfing Class are pleased to announce a new, comprehensive and interesting website – www.formulawindsurfing.org, the brainchild of IFWC webmaster – Krzysztof Jaszczynski from Poland.

K has also recently been appointed Honorary Secretary of the Class, and can be contacted on fwc@fwc.pl

International FW Events

Date Event Prize Money Status

22. – 30.03 IFWC Asian Championships Date fixed

in Hua Hin (Thailand)

27.04. – 01.05. EC Lake Garda (ITA) EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

08. – 12.05. EC Travemünde (GER) EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

15. – 20.05. IFWC European EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

Championships Lisbon (Portugal) EC

29.05. – 02.06. EC Cagliari/Sardinia (ITA) EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

03. – 07.07. Int. German Championships EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

/ EC Westerland/Sylt (GER)

10. – 14.07. EC Miedzyzdroje (POL) EUR 35.000,00 Date fixed

17. – 21.07. International Polish EUR 25.000,00 Date fixed

Championships Jurata (POL)

02. – 10.08. IFWC Youth World Championships Largs (Scotland) Date fixed

07. – 11.08. International event Leba (POL) EUR 60.000,00 Date fixed

14. – 18.08. EC Silvaplana (CH) EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

21. – 25.08. EC Westende (BEL) EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

02. – 08.09. International event EUR 50.000,00 TBC

/PWA Canada

11. – 15.09. EC Lelystad (NED) EUR 15.000,00 Date fixed

21. – 29.09. IFWC World Championships EUR 35.000,00 TBC

and PWA Racing World Cup combined Westerland / Sylt (GER)

21. – 27.10. International Event Fortaleza (BRA) EUR 50.000,00 Date fixed

“EC” = Euro Cup


The Formula Windsurfing Class Committee (FWCC) has decided to start a program to enlarge the competitive women fleet at major events around the World. This program will include all the different aspects of the sport: competitors, manufacturers, organizers, associations, media and sponsors.

The FW Women Cup 2002 consists of seven major Formula Windsurfing events that will produce points to an annual ranking. This limitation of events will increase the number of competing women per event. As a result the FWC hopes to achieve a minimum of 15 to 20 women participating at each of the events in 2002, double the number of female competitors in the annual ranking list and promote women windsurfing around the world.

An official website is established and all the dates and information can be found at http://www.women.formulaworlds.com .

FW Women Cup 2002

27.04. – 01.05. EC Malcesine, Lake Garda (ITA)

16. – 20.05. FW European Championships Lisbon (POR)

03. – 07.07. Int. German Championships Westerland/Sylt (GER)

10. – 14.07. EC Miedzyzdroje (POL)

14. – 18. 08. Engadinwind.com Silvaplana/St Moritz (CH)

August EC Belgium or EC Holland

21. – 29.09. FW World Championships Westerland/Sylt

further information can be requested from the IFWC

Marc CARDON (Class President)

rue d’Escobecques 4, résidence le bosquet

59320 Ennetieres en Weppes, FRANCE

Home phone: +33 (0) 320 500 408 fax: +33 (0) 320 507 316 @mail: marc@cardon.nom.fr

Office phone: +33 (0) 321 086 715 fax: +33 (0) 321 086 760 @mail: mcardon@transports-cardon.fr

and the

Windsurfing Office

c/o Choppy Water Event Management GmbH

Maßmannstr. 11, 24118 Kiel, Germany

Phone.: +49 (0) 431 / 971 98 98

FAX: +49 (0) 431 / 971 98 99

e-mail: info@choppywater.de

Internet: www.windsurfing-office.com

or directly from the women representative on the FWCC, Dorota Staszewska (POL-1), e-mail: dorien@namaxa.pl


Dear Friends.

We have now launched a new official site of 2002 FW Women Cup at www.women.formulaworlds.com

This site focus on women racing.

2002 Formula Windsurfing Women Cup is a series of 7 events that will give points to the only FW Women world wide ranking. The series includes European and World Championships. Read IDEA and EVENTS section to be quickly informed on FW women development.

FORUM section leads to the only windsurfing women forum on line – Women’s Zone at Starboard page. This is the site to ask all questions and get views from women from around the World.

In the NEWS section you can read about the first in our history FW Women Training Camp organized by Henriette Nielsen in Lake Garda just before our first event in April. All interested women are welcome to join the camp. In this section you can also read about Starboard support program.

Please visit this site and try to spread information about it. Awaiting your comments and ideas.

Dorota Staszewska



The Women’s International Formula Windsurfing Camp will take place from the 22nd to the 25th of April 2002.

The purpose of the camp is to have more women experience the fun of Formula Windsurfing racing. It doesn’t matter if you have any previous experience in racing or not. If you are considering entering competitions or want to improve your skills and knowledge of Formula racing, you should come to Lake Garda and participate.

The camp has been possible only with the support of Neil Pryde, Starboard and the local sailing club. Also a big thanks to Dorota Staszewska who has been supporting and helping make the camp possible. Dorota will also be joining the camp, so do not miss this great opportunity to train with the worlds best female Formula windsurfer.


· training on the water, including

· technique

· trimming

· speed

· starting procedure

· regatta rules

· racing tactics

· discussion of different types of Formula equipment, and testing of the new RS-Racing rigs from Neil Pryde.

· weight and cardio training


Jimmy Diaz (Neil Pryde, Bic) and Brian Rogild (Starboard, Gaastra) will be coaching the camp.

The camp includes

· 4 days of coaching

· accommodation

· use of Windsurfing club facilities

· storage of windsurfing equipment

Lake Garda

The perfect place to train Formula Windsurfing. Surrounded by mountains the lake is not only very beautiful, the wind-conditions are also very stabile.

In late April the air temperature varies between 11-27 degrees Celsius.

The water will be between 13 and 17 degrees Celsius.


To take part in the camp, you must send an e-mail to Henriette@surfmail.dk with your name and address. The e-mail must be send no later than the 20th of March 2002.

Please also write if you would like to drive to Lake Garda with other participants. If you have a car, write how many people you can bring. In this way we can make it possible for more girls to take part and your costs will be reduced.


100 Euro must be paid to the following account

Women’s Formula Windsurfing Camp 2002


Niels Hemmingsens Gade 24

DK-1001 Copenhagen K


Account: 5005 989 177

The payment must be received no later than the 25th of March 2002.


All participants must have liability insurance covering property and bodily injuries. You will also need the insurance if you want to participate in windsurfing races, so please bring your insurance papers. It is also recommended to be covered by a traveling insurance during your stay.


You must bring your own windsurfing equipment. It is also very important that you bring a lifejacket. At Lake Garda, it is a strictly enforced rule, that all windsurfers must wear lifejackets.

Women’s Formula Windsurfing Cup 2002

Following the camp the first Women’s Formula Windsurfing Cup will take place in Malcesine, Lake Garda. For more information on the event go to www.women.formulaworlds.com

If you have any questions concerning the camp please contact Henriette Nielsen by e-mail: Henriette@surfmail.dk


ISAF Sailor was launched at 0900 GMT on Friday 1 March 2002, and to date sailors from 42 different countries have registered and are now taking advantage of the services offered.

As you will have read in Making Waves 85 and on the website, ISAF Sailor offers a variety of services which will benefit sailing. To read a full overview either go to www.sailing.org/isafsailor or www.sailing.org/Article_content

ISAF encourages MNA’s and Classes to pass on information about ISAF Sailor to your sailors and members and encourage them to register.

ISAF Sailor will bring tremendous benefits to the sport – but we need your support for ISAF Sailor to reach its full potential.

Register Now – www.sailing.org/isafsailor

If you do not receive your ‘Making Waves’ directly from ISAF and would like to be added to the ISAF distribution list please subscribe via ISAF Sailor www.sailing.org/isafsailor


Always on the look-out for good footage and to film events!

WW is broadcast through 82 countries in the world with a total distribution of 161 million homes. After 10 years it’s Sky’s longest running sports show. Contact Digby to find out what’s being aired when in your region.

Digby Fox, Series Producer, +44 (0)1666 840108


[WW is made by Pro-Active TV, part of Sportsworld plc]


Please reserve your time this year also to Neilpryde Baltic Cup 2002 in Formula Windsurfing and Slalom.

This event is for sure most popular event in Baltic and Finland and could be easily also in Sweden.

We have had every year different nice guests also participated – 1999: Josh Stone, Neil Pryde, Torben Kornum, Steven Schrier, 2000: Josh Stone, Per Slengerik, 2001: Jimmy Diaz, Jan Blaesild (kite champion). And I hope will

have this year also.

Event schedule is:

21-23 June in Latvia

26-28 July in Finland, Pori, Yyteri

2-4 August in Estonia, Tallinn, Pirita Beach

This final Tallinn event have been always the most attractive event with lots of happening and parties with participates over 200. Please look at this like an opportunity to have a interesting (and cheap) trip to Estonia and good competition.

You can look at the pictures to have a feeling from Tallinn event


And here are some better day’s in Pirita Beach



See you all, Erno Kaasik

Team Extreme


Dear Sirs:

Can you place this event on your calendar and broadcast it to others. Because it is just before the US Nationals it might be a great stop for Europeans who want to make a bit of a circuit out of it.

The Newport Funcup Windsurfing Pro-Am Regatta May 17,18,19 2002 Newport Rhode Island.

Thanks for your time – The good people at Island Sports

2002 Newport Funcup Windsurfing Pro-Am Regatta

Event Schedule 2002

Address: 86 Aquidneck Avenue

Middletown, RI 02842-5660 U.S.A

Phone: 401-846-4421

Fax: 401-846-4485

E-mail: info@islandsports.com




The waiting is over! The PWA wave tour is all set to begin a new season in Vargas, Gran Canaria. Commencing on the 8th of April the worlds elite wave sailors from both men1s and woman1s divisions will battle it out in the wild winds of Gran Canaria for the 65,000 Euro prize purse. The prevailing wind conditions could be anything from 20-50 knots cross onshore, perfect for huge jumps and creative wave riding. Visitors to the Gran Canaria event will be amazed by what are unquestionably the most explosive displays anywhere on the tour. 40 foot high stalled forwards are not uncommon and it is likely that several sailors will be attempting windsurfing1s most dangerous stunt the double forward.

Home to the Dunkerbeck family, Gran Canaria has been the breeding ground for some of the most high profile wave sailors in the world: The ‘Big Man1 himself Bjorn, Vidar Jensen, Jonas Cabellos, Marcos Perez and the incredible Moreno sisters, Daida and Iballa. Gran Canaria is now established as one of the mos