29th of July 2005, England, 2005 Formula Windsurfing Youth Championship

FW Worlds day3

by Leszek Rutkowski (POL-220)
foto: www.qlub.com
This season seams to be very specific considering how the biggest and most important events are spread among the whole year. Starting with the Europeans on Rhodes and ending with the World’s in Australia in December. Not many of other big event’s were planned for the time between these two and so it made the Youth World Championship even more important. The town of Christchurch on the South coast of England was chosen to take care of this event.

It was my first time to visit UK. I was a bit shocked to see how English summer looked like but Christchurch itself made a nice impression of a quiet tourist place just suitable for windsurfing with it’s long empty beach.

We were all quiet curius to see everybody on the water as there was no possibility of racing with most of the guys since the last World’s in Dranske. Many new faces had shown up from Greece, Estonia and England of course. Also the Polish team had grown in power during the break with now candidates for medals in all categories.

We started racing on Tuesday around 3 o clock. The jury decided to split us in to almost equal groups. 1st- Youth men . 2nd – everybody else. The first races were sailed at around 15 knots of stable sideshore wind. The Youth group started first. As expected after a good racing on Rhodes, Julien Quentel from France was in front from start to finish. Behind his back we have Vincent Langer from Germany and 3 Polish guys: Robert Baldyga, Patryk Hronowski and Leszek Rutkowski.

During the next races we could see two Polish girls Jenny Kesik and Agnieszka Pietrasik fighting the local Amy Carter in the girls fleet.
Junior (U17) fleet is till now very tight in the front with Pierre (FRA-14) from France on the lead at present and with Daniel (GBR-323) from the UK and Maciek Rutkowski (POL-323) from Poland on the chase.

Also an under 15 fleet was established. There we have Maciek from Poland safely leading, Olivier Tom from Germany and Michael Aftowicz (POL-243) from Poland closing the top three.

In the Masters division there is a fight between EST 202 and POL 40 in the front.
After 2 races on the first day, we had a day off as there was no wind on Wednesday. Thursday though was very nice with 4 races for the Youth and 3 for the others.

We still have two days to come and none of the groups seems to be solved out yet. We hope to get some wind tomorrow and meanwhile everybody is resting preparing themselves for another day of tough fight for the 2005 World Champion titles.