12th of June 2005, Greece, IFWC European Championships

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Antoine Albeau, FRA 192
I had a great fight with Wojtek. The first race was very light; I’ve got stuck at the start line, and couldn’t start. I’ve been using 12.5. I think this place is very good, because we have a lot of wind – light, medium and strong. Maybe the organization could be a little bit better.

Ross Williams, GBR 86
Windy event, lot of good racing, really tight competition, pretty good and strong competitors, so I’m happy with my 4th place. I used 11.5, I usually got better in the light wind.

Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, ARG 3
In the lighter wind I really had good speed, and I could be in the top 6. Two days of strong wind destroyed me. I hope for the next event I will be more prepared for the strong wind, I’ve been training a lot in the light wind, and I forgot about strong.

Micah Buzianis, USA 34
I started with the 11.9 – that’s really good, I’m happy with 3rd, this is a real good preparation for the rest of the season.

Wojtek Brzozowski, POL 10
So Formula Windsurfing European Championship is over. I’m very happy with my 2nd place, I work really hard to get it. It was not easy, I’ve won about half of all of the races, I’m very happy with my performance, I came here well prepared. Last 2 days was pretty hard for me, then I crashed with my friend, Keith Atkinson. This is my first silver medal.

Julien Quentel, FRA 4…
Too easy. I used 11.0. I’m going to be on the podium in Australia too, not only with the youths.

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