8th of June 2005, Greece, IFWC European Championships

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Mattes Fabian, GER 202
We have perfect conditions, here in Rhodes, it’s very nice for windsurfing. Today was perfect for me.
Erno Kaasik, EST 2
The 2nd day was much better than earlier, but the organization is not very good, all the competitors are waiting and waiting, while we could make 4 races this day. We are wasting time. The weather is perfect, but…
Ertugrul Icingir, TUR 1
It’s my first regatta in formula class, I used to train on mistral, but when they’ve changed Olympic mistral board and sails, I want to make more experience on formula board because it is quite similar to Olympic RS:X.
Piotr Pawlak, POL 0
Today we had only 3 races, and there should be 4 at least, but the race committee was slow with everything… First of all, there wasn’t our race committee boat, and then 2 marks get lost, so everything has started in the afternoon. The conditions are very nice. In our fleet Wojtek has won 2 races with a big reserve. It was a very nice day for me.
Wojtek Brzozowski, POL 10
I had a great start in the first race. Antoine wanted to catch me, but he collided with the mark, and I finished first. The second race was also very god for me, I have changed my sails to smaller and with the great start I controlled all race from the beginning to the end. I am very satisfied and happy.

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maui wowie | 9th June 2005 (02:11:31)

Hey Diaz, where did you get those sunglasses? They look like mine. And yeh why are you on the beach while everyone else is racing? I know missing Daida ;-(

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