4th of June 2005, Greece, IFWC European Championships

Letter from Dorota

Dear All,

I am very sorry to confirm I will not be attending this years Europeans. I recently hurt my back during traning and it will takes a little while before I can be back in full shape on the race course. It is very frustrating not to be able to defend the title and - most of all - meet you all in sunny Rhodes after long Winter. I wish you great time and I hope to see you in Poland this Summer.

Dorota (POL-1)

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Anonym | 4th June 2005 (13:07:52)

Sad to hear, Dorota. Get better soon.

Cindy | 4th June 2005 (18:53:24)

Aw, that must be very frustrating. Hope it won't take too long to recover.

Axel FRA-554 | 4th June 2005 (19:16:47)

Bad news Dorota,

Keep courage and have a good retablisement.

irina konstantinova | 5th June 2005 (10:12:14)

i am very sorry, dear Dorota!
i hope you will be better soon and winning all the events as always!

Ewelina | 5th June 2005 (14:59:02)

What a terrible news!!!
I hope everything will be ok, and soon you will recover! Take care!

Maui-No-Ka-Oi | 6th June 2005 (07:44:24)

Bad back I don't think so, I heard you had a boy friend and couldn't leave him, and your still in Hawaii!!

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