5th of May 2005, Portugal, Portimão Windsurfing Euro-Cup

Euro-Cup Portimão – Wind is teasing the Windsurfers

Portimão (Portugal), Kiel (Germany), May 5th 2005.
In the morning it started with the usual onshore breeze. Around noon it started to build up and turned a little bit clockwise. Race Director Walter Mielke set up an upwind-downwind-course with a leeward gate. With eight to ten knots the competitors were sent out. But during the starting sequence the wind dropped and the race had to be cancelled.

The wind turned clockwise towards the typical thermical offshore direction and while the competitors were waiting ashore the course was re adjusted to the new wind direction. Again the competitors were sent out. But the wind dropped again and shifted too much to enable a start. After some waiting and evaluation of the situation the competition was closed at 17:30.

For the next day the locals expect a solid Levante breeze in the morning. So the race committee has decided to set the skippers meeting for 9:30 with the first possible start at 10:00. If the rumours materialize we can expect around 15 to 18, perhaps even over 20 knots. This would even make Slalom a realistic option.

The event is covered on www.euro-cup.org , www.overpower.net and www.formulawindsurfing.org . On the official website www.euro-cup.org a live ticker is provided. So check out the internet!