22nd of January 2005, Australia, Oceanic Championships

Oceanic Report Day one From Allison

by Allison Shreeve (AUS-911)
We've had a successful start to the Formula Oceanic and Australian Continental Championships with four races completed during Day 1. Apparently a nice 10-12 knots was blowing during the first race but I have to take their word for it as I got towed back to shore with a very sad RS4 ripped in half sideways! My concerns for my aging favourite well-worn sail were valid as it just could not hold out until my return to Sydney where I am assured my new RS5 will be waiting for me!!

Allison makes the urgent sail replacement mid race

At this point I would like to thank Sean O'Brien for generously and without a blink, lending me his spare 10.7 new RS5 (which explains the 'foreign' sail number and sponsor names in todays photo's)!

The wind built gradually culminating in 23 knots by the end of the day. The spectators got an up close and personal view of races 3 and 4 as a fast triangular short course was set close to shore. This made for 'follow the leader' type racing, with the occasional swerving around fallen comrades whose jybes failed them.

Wotjek currently holds the lead followed by Jesper V, Sean, Jesper O, and Sam, and I managed first lady across the line in my only three races with Anna and Hayley fighting it out in second and third.
It was fun out there on the water today. The forecast is for more of the same reliable winds and perfect conditions for exciting racing on Port Phillip Bay.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Allison Shreeve (AUS-911)

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Concerned?? | 23rd January 2005 (00:00:53)

Why do the team riders not have the New RS5's and others do?

Chris | 23rd January 2005 (00:08:37)

Good report Ally, keep them coming if you can. Sorry to hear about my sail :-)
Good to see the internationals taking part, fantastic effort people.

magyar csapat | 24th January 2005 (20:50:19)

TibibĂĄcsi mi lesz?Neked drukkolunk!
Szedd Ăśssze magad "magyar csapat"

Tibibacsi | 31st January 2005 (11:15:53)

Koszonom sracok!

cousin rachael | 2nd May 2005 (10:00:47)

wow alli how many years have you been sailing to get where you are now

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