6th of November 2020

Notice of Anual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given for the International Formula Windsurfing Class Association Annual General Meeting, which is scheduled to take place on the 15th of December at 18:00.
The AGM will be held online via Zoom platform.

27 NOV – Deadline for submissions (form - docx)
30 NOV – publication of submissions and delegate nomination forms
14 DEC 18:00 UTC – deadline for submission of delegate nomination forms and email votes.
15 DEC 18:00 UTC – AGM online via Zoom

AGM Agenda:
Previous Minutes.
Chairmans report
Financial Statements
Class Committee recommendations
Class Rule change submissions for World Sailing

In order not to interfere with undertaken production by our manufacturers we kindly ask that any submissions for class rule changes that could affect equipment should not take affect before Jan 1st 2022.

Submission Form