22nd of June 2019

ELECTIONS - Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

Before the close of business at the forthcoming AGM there will be elections:
(A) to the Class Committee
(B) for the Class Chairman

Current Class Committee
All current committee members are offering themselves for re-election, with the exception of Guido Verlaeckt who is standing down after many years of service to the class and the class committee. We wish him well for the future.

(A) There have been no new nominations for Class Committee. Therefore those standing for election are:
Francesco Zarbo (ITA)
Alex Morales (USA)
Sean O’Brien (AUS)
Marc Cardon (FRA)
James Briggs (GBR)
Vincent Langer (GER)
Matthias Regber (GER)

(B) There is one nomination for Class Chairman – Francesco Zarbo (ITA)

Delegates are appointed by member national associations, and have one vote (as do committee members); but may represent other member associations from whom he or she has received a proxy vote mandate (max of two proxy votes per delegate)
NB – Only member national association (by delegate or by email) and committee members may vote.

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