19th of June 2019

Agenda - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

AGENDA - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Formula Windsurfing Class
to be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck.

1) Welcome
Registration of delegates and votes.

2) Minutes from the last meeting and any matters arising

3) Chairman’s Report

4) Financial Statement

5) Class Rule changes
(a) Proposal – to permit the use of 2 fuselage within limitation rules for Foil Racing.
(b) Proposal – to limit competitors in Foil racing to registering sails of maximum 10.00sqm in area.
(c) Proposal – to amend the Sail Identification rule to permit the application of sail letters/ numbers as “white graphics on a black background.”

6) Production Board Registration
(a) To approve the updated Production Board Registration Instructions .

7) Championship Rules
(a) To discus the development of Championship (event) Rules for Foil racing; and authorise the Committee to publish for 2020.

8) Future Championships
To receive a report on future championships.

9) Any other business including, but not limited to:
(a) To receive report on co-operation between IFWC and IFCA regarding
development of foiling competition.
(b) To receive report on the RSX Evaluation by World Sailing, the 2024 olympic equipment selection and opportunities for foiling.

Delegates are appointed by member national associations, and have one vote (as do committee members); but may represent other member associations from whom he or she has received a proxy vote mandate (max of two proxy votes per delegate)
NB – Only member national association (by delegate or by email) and committee members may vote.

Delegate Registration Form
Proxy Voting Mandate Form

PDF version of Agenda