27th of February 2017, Portugal, Carmim Lago Alqueva 2017- Portugal Formula Windsurfing Series

First day of Carmim Lago Alqueva FW 2017

Formula Windsurfing Series Portugal 2017
The first day of the championship, was a relax day, arriving to the Alqueva Spot, confirming the registrations, talking a little, prepare equipment eating and drinking, and waiting for the wind.

In this first day we had several competitors in the water trying there equipment but the wind was not enough, the maximum wind register was 7,6 knots.
At 17.30 the race committee finish for the day.

Also in the first day we had the Dinner Open ceremony of the Carmim Lago Alqueva 2017, to give a big welcome to all competitors. This year we had less competitors 27 in total, because several competitors saw the forecast, and was not the best one, lets see what we will have for the next days. For the second day the skippers meeting will be at 11.00, and the first possible race at 12.00, but regarding the forecast, we think the wind will come a little later in the afternon, lets see.