9th of September 2016, Greece, World Formula Festival, Marathon Bay

Wind is back on day three in Greece

We were sent to the water the instant the wind started. The RO tried to get race five underway before the wind had really kicked in. Light, patchy, conditions saw about 10 of us reach the top mark within the time limit, however the rest of the fleet were left struggling. LAT 23 made it back down to the bottom mark before they cancelled the race. The day before, two races were completed in lighter more unstable conditions. About 5 minutes after canceling the race, we once again went into the start sequence for race 5 and the whole fleet got away in 12-16 knots of perfect wind.

Starting off the day with a bullet in race 5 was POR 5, 2nd LTU 11 with his best finish so far of the event. 3rd GRE 28 who looked like he was hungry for racing.

Race 6, 1st was LAT 23 back at the top, 2nd POR 5, and 3rd GRE 28.

After two good races in good wind, we were sent back to the beach for a 30 minute break.

Back on the water for race 7, saw the wind start to get a little shifty. Picking the right side of the course started to be key.

1st and starting to really stamp his authority on the event LAT 23, 2nd with his best finish of the event so far FRA 1642, and on fire today in 3rd GRE 28.

Race 8 wind starting to drop out in various places on the course. But if you picked it right, still great wind for racing. 1st LAT 23, 2nd POR 5, 3rd FRA 55 who after some consistent sailing is in 3rd place overall.

Race 9, and conditions really starting to get difficult. Wind was dropping and shifting. Wind dropped to the lower limit for the start which meant a lot of competitors didn't get away clean. However about 3 minutes after the start the wind filled in enough to get most of the fleet around the course eventually.

Massive windless holes and a few guys screaming in frustration as they got caught off the plane in no wind, while watching groups of guys screaming down the other side of the course fully powered, was the way the day finished. 1st with 4 out of 5 bullets for the day LAT 23, second after a day on fire at the front of the fleet GRE 28 who has shot up to 4th overall, 3rd our light wind veteran LTU 789.

6 starts, 5 races completed. A long tiring day. Tomorrow the forecast is looking 50/50. Getting wind for day 4 is back in the hands of the gods, let's see