1st of May 2014, Portugal, 2014 Azores Formula Windsurfing World Championship

England in front

The Formula Windsurfing World Championship, which runs until Saturday in Praia da VitĂłria, continued today with the completion of four races. Britain's Ross Williams continues to lead, but saw the lead shortened to Australian Stephen Allen and Argentine Gonzalo Hoevel, which is now the third ranked. Michael Martin stands as the highest-ranked Portuguese, standing in 16th position.

The second day of the event is marked by a strong wind that raised new difficulties to the fleet. In both races in the morning, the British Ross Williams won the first, while in the second, the triumph was to Gonzalo Hoevel from Argentina. With the wind rising in intensity in the afternoon two races toke place and both ended with Australian Stephen Allen in front. Interestingly, the three men who totaled triumphs today are those that occupy the places of the podium. To the Portuguese the journey was complicated with Miguel Martinho downloading four positions in general. The Algarve windsurfer, who won the European title last year also in Praia da VitĂłria, is ranked 16th. Bruno BĂŠrtolo slipped to 28th position, Vasco Chaveca is 32 and Mario Medeiros 35. Margarida Gil Morales is on the 37th position. Gil Marco Morales is 38 º, 40 º is Marco Soveta, Mario Lima drop by the 42nd and João Videira is 43.