25th of September 2002, Germany, FW Worlds 2002

FW Worlds 2002 - Sylt
Day four

on-line from Sylt
Sorry, no more racing today!
Because of the rescue operation on the water, we have no results so far. Please return later...
The rescue operation is finished but the wind droped to 6-8 knots. So we are on stand-by.
One of the boat capsized so we have the rescue operation now. The start for the race #9 is postponed
Due to some technical problems the start has to be postphoned a little bit. AP is raised at the startboat. As soon as the problem is solved we will return to the sequence with the red flag.
Z-Flag for the ladies. Start of the sequence for womens race#9 in 20 minutes. Stay online...
Men race#8 finish: US-3 (Kevin dominating the race!), POL-16, VI-11, F-192
2nd time upwind mark: US-3 (with a giant lead!), VI-11, POL-16, F-192 (Antoine Albeau starting the hunt!)
Kevin Pritchard has a big lead after the first round! Second is POL-16. Antoine only on position 13!
Men upwind mark: US-3,KC-1,POL-126,KV-11,US-34

Three minutes to the start!. GBR-83 and F-81 BDF !
Start for the men race #8. Wind speed 16 knotes.
... and general recall!!!
Red flag for men race #8 is up!
women race#8 finish: Lucy is fast back on the board again and wins the race in front of Dorota and Jenny from France
Z-Flag is up for the mens fleet. In the lead Lucy fell in the water!

Second upwind: Lucy has taken the lead with over 200m ahead of Dorota. On her heals still Verena... Wind 12 to 16 knots!!! A rain shower is driving the crowd into the giant tent.
Positions after the first round: POL-1 leading, GBR-95, ITA-31 ... Wind is picking up again!
Upwind mark: POL-1, GBR-95, ITA-31
START! The Green Flag is up. No over earlies. Thousands of spectators are watching the race!
Yellow Flag is up! 9 to 11 knots...
Red flag for the ladies is up!
Z flag for the ladies fleet is up! The wind is dropping a little bit: 7 to 11 knots at the moment.
The crew is setting up the course. The wind speed is 10 to 12 knots. All the competitors are preparing their gear.
Race Director Klaus Michel has made the 12:00 announcement: We are going to race! The two fleets will be send to the water seperately. The womens fleet will be the first. The start for women race#8 will be at 13:00. Get ready for action!
We are waiting if the wind might pick up enough to run Waveriding. The next announcement for the racers will be at 12:00 with the first possible start at 13:00. The crew and the boats are getting ready to set up the course and we expect some spectacular racing soon. So stay online...
Again we hope that the conditions will get suitable for the Waveriders. But in reality it seems that we will have racing again today. At the moment we have 10 to 15 knots from NW. The forecast predicts that the wind will pick up in the afternoon. Then we also expect some waves. At the moment we are all on standby...