24th of September 2002, Germany, FW Worlds 2002

FW Worlds 2002 Sylt
Day three

on-line from Sylt
... some photos from yesterday
... and more photos from yesterday
... diagram of the course
... few photos from today
men results after 7 races
women results after 7 races

No more racing today!
Please return for the results!
Men race #7 finish: US-3,AUS-7,AUS-0,F-81,POL-10,ISR-1
2nd upwind mark: US-3,AUS-7,AUS-0,F-81,ISR-1,POL-126,POL-10
Downwind mark:US-3,AUS-7,VI-1,AUS-0,ISR-1,POL-10
Men upwind mark: US-3,AUS-7,ITA-1,?,POL-126
Start! Men race#7
Red flag for the men! 6 min to the start!

Red flag for the men! 6 min to the start!

Z flag is up again!
The start for the men is postponed for some minutes. The committee is adjusting the start line to the actual wind conditions. Competitors were send back to the beach!
Women race #7 finish: POL-1,GBR-95,GBR-93,ITA-31
Race committee waiting for the ladies to finish the race!
Men start postponed!
One minute to the men start!

Red flag for the men fleet!
Start for the women race #7.
Red flag for the women fleet! Wind speed 13-14 knots (and looks that picking-up!)

Next women race in 20 minutes!. The men will start 7 minutes after the ladies!
F-115 BFD! and 3 (F-4,F-3161,DEN-482) girls race a wrong course!
Women race #6 finish: POL-1,GBR-93,F-115,GBR-95,ITA-31,F-316
Women second upwindmark: POL-1!
Women downwind mark: GBR-93,GBR-95,POL-1
Women upwind mark: GBR-93,POL-1, wind is picking up 10-12 knots
Start of the ladies fleet. Wind 8-10 knots! The start line and the downwind mark very close to the beach! Thousand of the spectators on the beach!!
... some photos from yesterday
... and more photos from yesterday
Z flag is up! 20 min to the starting procedure for the women fleet!
AP went down! Start for the women race #6 in 36 minutes!
Wind 6 to 10 knots. Postponment flag still on the flag pole! Next announcement in 15 minutes!
... stay tuned.
The race committee starts to set the course. ... (see the diagram!). The first possible start 13:30
The schedule for today: two races for the ladies and one race for the men.
The wind is starting already to change the direction...
Brrrr!!! Only 7 dgrees in the morning. But nice sunshine. The forecast is predicting wind from NW for today. But at the moment the wind is blowing lightly from SE. The Skippers Meeting will be at 10:00 and we expect that the first possible start will be postponed untill 11:30 at least to wait for stable conditions