23rd of September 2002, Germany, FW Worlds 2002

FW Worlds Sylt
Day two

on-line from Sylt
FW Worlds 2002 Sylt
Day two
Men race#6 finish:POL-10,ISR-1,F-192,AUS-7,NED-57,AUS-0
Women race#5 finish:POL-1,GBR-93,GBR-95
Men 2 upwind: POL-10,F-192
Women 2 upwind:POL-1,GBR-93,GBR-95
Downwind mark: Aus-0,POL-10,ISR-1
Men upwind mark: AUS-0,POL-10
Men started!
Women started already!
Men in the sequence!
Men finish: F-192,US-3,ARG-3,AUS-7,AUS-0

Upwind mark:US-3,F-192,ARG-3,AUS-0
Men downwindmark: ARG-3,F-192,US-3,AUS-0,AUS-7
Men upwind mark:ARG-3,F-192,AUS-0,
Women finish: POL-1
Start for the men!
Start for the men and general recall!
Women upwind mark: POL-1

Start for the race #4 for the ladies
Red flag for the ladies!
Sorry we have no results from the last two races yet!
One hour break then next to races back to back
Finish race#4 men: AUS-0,F-192 very close!,F-81 AUS-0
Finish race#3 women: POL-1

One hour break then next to races back to back
Finish men: AUS-0,F-192 very close!,F-81 AUS-0
Finish women: POL-1
Men second upwindmark: F-81,F-192,AUS-0,VI-1
Women second upwind mark: POL-1
Men downwind mark: F-192, F-81,KV-11,AUS-0,US-34
Men upwind mark: F-81,F-192,KV-11,AUS-0
Men started for the race#4
Women upwind mark: POL-1,GBR-93
Red flag for the men fleet
Start for the ladies race#3!
Red flag for the women!
FW Worlds 2002 Sylt
Day two
Next start for women in 15 minutes!
Women race#2:
Women finish: POL-1
Men race#3:
MEN finish:AUS-7, US-3,AUS-0,F-81,F-192,POL-10
Men second upwind mark: AUS-7,US-3,AUS-0,F-81,F-192,
Women second upwind mark: POL-1,GBR-93
Men downwind mark: US-3 and big group of races!
Men upwind mark: AUS-7,ARG-3,AUS-0
Start for the MEN!
Women upwind mark: POL-1
...few more pictures from yesterday
11:46Start of the ladies fleet!
11:40 Red flag for the ladies! 6 min to the start
11:20 Z flag is up! 20 min to red flag forwomen fleet
AP down! First start for women fleet 11:40! ... stay tuned
The race committe is now setting the course and we expected the first start in about 30 minutes. Wind speed is now 15 to 18knots.

... pictures9:45
We have a beautyful morning here in Westerland. Sunny but quiete cold with only 10 degrees! After the nuclear conditions from yesterday the wind has slowed down again. Most of the competitors seem to be really happy about the more convenient conditions. The forecast is predicting 4 to 5 BFT from NE for today. The Skippersmeeting is scheduled for 10:00. The first possible start is at 11:00. So stay online...