Live reports day 5

16:02 | Overall TOP 15 after 15 races: AUS-0, NED-52, ISR-1, POL-16, DEN-24, LAT-23, POL-23, FRA-531, POL-48, EST-24, FRA-1642, FRA-823, POL-555, LTU-14, EST-2

16:00 | Day is over without protests

15:14 | TOP 10 at race 4: AUS-0, ISR-1, POL-23, POL-16, FRA-531, DEN-24, FRA-823, NED-52, POL-48 and LAT-23

15:07 | First through the second gate are ISR-1 and AUS-0

14:45 | Start signal for last race,OCS for GBR-91, POL-48

14:45 | Last start for European championship will be 15:00

14:26 | Race 3 is over, first finishers AUS-0, ISR-1, NED-52, POL-16, POL-23, DEN-24, FRA-823

14:24 | Leaders through the gate AUS-0, ISR-1, NED-52, POL-23, POL-16, DEN-24

14:22 | On fisrt mark first is ISR-1, then follow AUS-0

14:15 | Clear start for race 3

14:07 | Wind speed 15 knots

14:05 | Orange flag is up

13:50 | AP flag is down, 25 minutes till next start

13:25 | First finishers after race 2: ISR-1, NED-52, AUS-0, DEN-24, FRA-823, POL-23

13:10 | Clear start for race 2

12:59 | 1 minute till orange flag

12:39 | First finishers AUS-0, ISR-1, POL-16, NED-52, FRA-823

12:37 | first mark second time, leading ISR 1, followed by AUS 0

12:31 | First ones through the gate: AUS 0, ISR 1, POL 16

12:30 | Leaders on first mark NED 52 and ISR 1

12:25 | Clear start for FW first race today

12:00 | average 16.5 knots, sideshore. First start at 12:25

10:36 | Todays plan - 3 starts for Slalom and after that FW races

08:50 | Today is final day. The weather seems good. 10 min till skippers meeting

13th of February 20192019 Portimao Formula Championships

The International Formula Windsurfing Class return to Praia da Roche, Portimao, for 2 major championships.

4th of February 2019Australian 2019 Nationals

19th of October 20182018 Annual General Meeting minutes

The meeting was held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, Clube Naval Portimao.

9th of October 2018Committee changes ...

Following this years AGM Vasco Chaveca has decided to step down from the class committee.

20th of September 2018Two down and one more to go

After five days being patient paid off and we have our new Raceboard Masters and Formula Windsurfing world champions.

5th of September 2018AGM 2018 of the International Formula Windsurfing Class - Agenda

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Formula Windsurfing Class to be held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, after racing in Portimao, Portugal.

20th of August 2018Notice of 2018 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Formula Class will take place during the forthcoming World Championships in Portimao, Portugal on Wednesday, september 19th.

6th of July 2018Janis Preiss and Steve Allen win the European Championships

With one race to go both Janis and Steve have secured top spots in the championships for Formula Windsurfing and Formula Windsurfing FOIL.

25th of May 2018Data Protection Policy

We have rewritten our Privacy and Data Protection Policies to ensure that they clearly outline what data we gather.

30th of April 2018Hubert Mokrzycki from Poland claims title in Lagos

Congratulating the overall winner and Masters Champion Hubert Mokrzycki from Poland, and Youth Champion Fernando Lamadrid from Spain.