10th of July 2013, Croatia, 2013 ‘ESET NOD32 Antivirus’ FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP powered by NORT.d.o.o.

Day two - live report

B>21:28 | full results will follow soon- racing resumes tomorrow with first possible warning signal at 1200

21:26 | the wind kicked in late , but quickly ... it also stopped just as quickly; dropping during race 4 for yellow group and not enough to start the blue race 4

21:25 | unfortunately we could not finish the qualification series - we are one race for blue group short ..

15:47 | you can follow the racing on the official facebook page for the event ..

16:35 | my mistake - they are off !

15:34 | 1 minute to the start

15:25 | 5 mins to warning signal

15:16 | 15 mins to the warning signal for blue group

15:15 | at last the wind has kicked in - and when it comes it builds quickly! we now have 15knots in the course area

13:20 | blue group will race first

13:20 | blue group will race first

13:19 | we are still postponed at the beach. The wind is still in the wrong direction - but will hopefully swing into the right direction earlier than yesterday

08:13 | the groups are unchanged for the racing today in yellow and blue groups

08:12 | the AGM is provisionally moved to Friday morning -it is more likely that we race late than start early !

08:11 | we hope to finish qualification and to possibly start racing in Gold and ilver groups

08:10 | the schedule for today is - skippers meeting at 1100 with first possible warning signal at 1200. the forecast looks better for today.