9th of July 2013, Croatia, 2013 ‘ESET NOD32 Antivirus’ FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP powered by NORT.d.o.o.

Live report

19:00 | no more racing today - we wait for the RO decision re first possible start tomorrow .
Results as soon as possible - check also the event facebook page for regular updates

18:47 | sorry with timing - if we have no more races the groups will stay the same for tomorrow..

19:47 | the wind is dropping again - maybe that is the last race today?

18:46 | top 5 finishers in race 5 - NED 52, POL16, LAT23, GBR83 , POR5

18:00 | 10 minutes to warning signal for race 2 of yellow group

17:47 | top 3 finishers in blue race 1 - ARG3, GER220, AUS0 ...

17:38 | the wind was light for first rave of yellow - but looks better now and still increasing in strength

18:37 |

17:37 | Blue fleet at the indward mark for first time - ARG3 and AUS0 leading

17:35 | First race for yellow group is finished - top 6 were NED52, LAT23, POR5 , POL16, POL25, GBR83..

15:50 | Competitors are starting to rig sails in preparation for the wind filling in properly.

15:50 | Wind is turning...

15:30 | Competitors still on hold. RC measuring wind on course, although it is still from south and expected to shift to north with thermal effect.

15:01 | Mathieu Colin de Verdiere (FRA-418) suggests wearing a wet t-shirt on your head to keep cool. Temperatures here are high twenties, with moderate humidity.

15:01 | The Croatian Minister for tourism is visiting the venue to see what Formula Windsurfing brings to the region.

14:58 | James Briggs (GBR-91) has repaired equipment after training incident a few days back, now chilling in the shade.

14:57 | Sean O\\\\\\\\'Brien (AUS-120) rates the Mango & Passion Fruit milkshake at the K2. A*. Recommended; one of the top three milkshakes in the world.

14:55 | Competitors are all doing different things in the shade to relax and wait for event to start. Yoann Fleury (FRA-730) is researching how to rebuild a 1973 Vespa Scooter; any advice?

14:54 | Intention is still to do four races for both yellow and blue fleets today.

14:53 | Enjoying iced coffee in the K2 Beach Bar. Enjoying the view of racing area. :)

14:52 | Waiting for thermal breeze to kick in from north; competitors held on beach with 30 minute announcement.

14:51 | Split fleet groups have been posted on the Notice Board.

07:35 | Skippers meeting is at 10.00 but it is likely the first possible start will be delayed until the afternoon

07:34 | It is hoped to completethe 4 race QS today so we can race the gold and silver groups from tomorrow