26th of February 2013, Croatia, 2013 ‘ESET NOD32 Antivirus’ FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP powered by NORT.d.o.o.

2013 FW Worlds confirmed for Viganj, Croatia

Club Bofor, Viganj, will host the 2013 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' Formula Windsurfing World Championship, sponsored by NORT d.o.o, from 8th to 13th July.
The venue is well known to many racers, having hosted previous editions of the the Croatian Open Championships. This years event is also a stop on the 2013 European Cup Tour.

VIGANJ is a small tourist place on the peninsula of Peljesac, 6 km from Orebic and about 15 min by boat from Korcula. It is ideal place for swimming and all kind of water sports; and especially good for windsurfing -"viganj is a good spot with 20 kn of seabreeze every day. In july works like a watch!"

Peljesac is a great Peninsula in the south of Croatia. Nearly at the very end of this peninsula, on the see-coast of Adriatic see, is situated a village VIGANJ. Everybody who has good knowledge of the Adriatic coast can confirm that this part of Croatia belongs between the most wonderful places. Peljesac peninsula is about 80 Km long, with mostly rocky coast, romantic bays and high mountains. The highest mountain of Peljesac is Sv. Ilja with altitude 961 m. Below this mountain and on the coast is the Orebic - not very large historical town.

"If we continue from Orebic in our journey, we reach after approximately 6 Km our village VIGANJ. VIGANJ is a place with its own specific friendly atmosphere, place where the people are going back for their whole life."

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ceri | 4th July 2013 (22:33:14)

ross already in Viganj - enjoying the new surroundings ..

Anonym | 5th July 2013 (12:28:30)

Will there be live feed like some pwa events?

ceri | 5th July 2013 (15:44:53)

Antoine and Gonz also there training - and no doubt others !

Anonym | 5th July 2013 (21:30:03)


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