1st of October 2012, Spain, 2012 Conil FW European Cup & Women, Youth and Masters Europeans

First event of Conil Formula Series less than 2 weeks away....

The last major championship of the year will take place in Conil, Andalucia, from 15th to 20th October.
The event includes European Championships & European Titles in 3 formula divisions - Women, Youth & Masters.
The championship also marks the final leg of the European Cup Tour - so the event is for all age groups of formula racers.
The venue is also lined up to host the 2013 European Championships, followed by the Worlds in 2014.
Not only is it a great location for racing at this time of year - but it offers great opportunity to prepare for these future events.
Lastly, the Annual General Meeting of the class will also take place during the event, with some important decisions to be made.

see you in Conil ?

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ceri | 14th October 2012 (18:22:39)

It is not too late to pack your van and join us in Conil for the Final European Cup of this inaugural year for the series

ceri | 14th October 2012 (18:23:36)

The venue is selected for next years European Championship - sunny, warm and windy ...

ceri | 14th October 2012 (18:25:02)

Ansis Dale just arrived to represent Latvia in this his last year before becoming a grand master ... would you believe it ...

ceri | 15th October 2012 (13:33:58)

Nice wind to greet the competitors at the beach - a change in direction, a few small waves , but still great racing conditions - lets hope it stays all week!

ceri | 15th October 2012 (13:34:59)

A team from Russia - Siberia- arrived today; a very long drive by vehicle !

Anonym | 16th October 2012 (17:10:49)

Could you tell us first 10 results?

ceri | 16th October 2012 (20:48:17)

full results after 2 races are posted

ceri | 16th October 2012 (20:52:46)

first start tomorrow at 12.30; we moved the last start to 19.00 - we lost one race today

Anonym | 17th October 2012 (15:45:05)

Just Valentin finished this race?

ceri | 17th October 2012 (19:19:33)

no - most races all finish - nice location ..

ceri | 17th October 2012 (19:20:41)

AGM tonight - at 2100 - hotel Confortel

Sonny | 18th October 2012 (09:38:39)

AGM results?

ceri | 18th October 2012 (11:55:23)

i will prepare the minutes and publish as soon as possible

ceri | 18th October 2012 (11:55:48)

long distance race today ..

Anonym | 19th October 2012 (09:29:28)

Maybe you can give us a shot summary of the AGM results before?!?

Or are they top secret?!?!

guido | 19th October 2012 (13:33:56)

3 Sails and 3 fins confirmed

guido | 19th October 2012 (13:35:32)

Minutes will normally be posted tomorrow

ceri | 19th October 2012 (15:12:18)

and maximum 5 races per day - not much else has changed

vchaveca | 19th October 2012 (23:23:50)

Ceri the maximum wind change to 25 knots ????

ceri | 20th October 2012 (09:28:59)

not approved - 25 knots in flat water is ok ; maybe 25 knots in big onshore swell is not ok ; we already have a "suitable conditions " rule...

Anonym | 22nd October 2012 (17:27:26)

a 25kn ceiling would also have seriously limited SF's bid for 2013 :)

Sonny | 22nd October 2012 (20:22:25)

what happened to GP Fortaleza?

ceri | 23rd October 2012 (15:47:28)

not this year - we hope it returns in 2013

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