23rd of August 2012, Latvia, 2012 FW Worlds

AGM - rescheduled.....

Apologies for the error in not publishing an agenda for the AGM originally scheduled to take place during these FW Worlds in Liepaja, Latvia.
The Class Committee has therefore agreed to reschedule the AGM to take place during the European Cup/European Championship in Conil, Spain, during October.

This will give national class associations and extended time to deliver submissions for the AGM to consider, and to ensure they prepare a delegate or send an email vote Please forward submissions by 15th September; a full agenda will be published by 30th September.
email - fw@internationalwindsurfing.com

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Anonym | 4th September 2012 (11:19:21)

Is a change in the 2 fin rule on the agenda?

Anonym | 4th September 2012 (14:45:55)

I hope they will change it back to 3 fins.

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