19th of May 2012, Germany, 2012 Formula Windsurfing European Championship

Day 4 report - Rollei Summer Opening Sylt....

Despite a favourable forecast, and a first warning signal at 08.30, it was not possible to add any more racing to the 7 races completed yesterday.

Nevertheless top formula racers were still making the headlines in the German SUP Challenge.

Results - German SUP Challenge:

14.0 Race Class Men
1. Paulo Dos Reis
2. Andreas Wolter
3. Valentin Brault

12.6 Race Class Men
1. Wilhelm Schurmann
2. AndrĂŠ Zeglin
3. Christian Hahn

Race Class Women
1. Corinna Hahn

Fitness Class Women
1. Nina Michaelis
2. GĂźlser DĂśnen
3. Anna MĂźller