18th of May 2012, Germany, 2012 Formula Windsurfing European Championship

Day 3 reports + video

20:07 | We have brought forward the start tomorrow. First possible warning signa at 08.30.

19:14 | At the finish - GBR83, AUS0, NED13, ISR1, NED52, GER122

19:08 | Upwind for second time - GBR83, NED13, AUS0,

19:05 | Windspeed is 8>11 knots

19.00 | leading at halfway - GBR83, AUS0, NED13, ISR1, BRA3333

19:55 | at mark 1 - GBR83, NED13, AUS0, ISR1, BRA3333

19:50 | Clear start race 7

18:48 | we are in sequence for race 7 - the last race today

18:34 | correction - first finishers race 6 - GBR83, ISR1, AUS0, BRA3333, NED52, GER88

18:26 | At the finish - GBR83 - we think from AUS0 and ISR1

18:23 | GBR83 leading from BRA3333 and ISR1

18:18 | The wind is 9>11 knots

18:16 | Top 10 after 5 races - GBR83, ISR1, AUS0, NED52, NED13, BRA50, GER122, BRA999, POL23, BRA3333

18:16 | Now leading sailors are - GBR83, BRA3333, AUS0,ISR1, GER122, BRA999

18:10 | At mark 1 - GBR83, ISR1, AUS0, BRA3333, EST202

18:05 | start - and over early was POL25 ..

18:03 | we are in sequence ..for race 6

17:45 | Next warning signal will be 18.00

16:56 | Now they come ashore for the mandatory 30mins rest before the next possible race

16:55 | At the finish - ISR1, AUS0, BRA3333, NED13, GBR83

16: | At the windward for the last time - ISR1 , AUS0, BRA3333, NED13, GBR83, NED52

16:45 | Now it is ISR1, AUS0, BRA3333, and NED13

16:40 | leading - ISR1, AUS0, NED13, NED52, BRA3333

16:35 | All clear at the start

16:30 | Warning signal for race 5

16:13 | After 4 races the first discard will kick in - and we will see some changes in the top 10

16:13 | racing is back to back - race 5 will follow as soon as possible

16:12 | even worse - again - ISR1, GBR83, NED52, POL25

16:11 | reat more clearly - ISR1, GBR83, ED52, POL25

16:10 | At the finish and with a good leasd over the two - its ISR1 and GBR83 from NED52 & POL25

15:59 | leading the fleet are GBR83 and ISR1

16:59 | OCS - GER 189, GER88, BRA767, SUI96

15:55 | It is a short first upwind as the start line is in the middle of the course

15:53 | strange - most of the fleet started on port

15:50 | the race has started - we think there were 2 or 3 over early ..

15:45 | Warning Signal - 5 minutes to the start of race 4

15:44 | The Rollei stand is creating a lot of interest - displaying their lastest products and a nice feature is the display of classic cameras going back to the 1930\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s

15:43 | Once again the crowds are out in force - soaking up the sun and the incredible atmosphere that is always a feature of Sylt.

15:42 | The conditions could not be more different from yesterday- flat water racing today !

15:35 | 10 minutes to warning signal. The wind is 12>16 knots in the course area

14:55 | AP will come down at 15.00- first warning signal at 15.30

14:38 | The wind is still offshore but more stable - and not dropping below 9knots. We will be racing soon

13:52 | no change at the moment - the wind is very unstable - announcements every 30 minutes

12:40 | we are still on hold next announcement at 13.00

11:25 | We are still on hold - winds are gusty and offshore - but forecast to pick up.

09:58 | Skippers meeting on day 3 about to start. We have offshore winds forecast for today - so the conditions are completely different from day 2!

6th of November 2020Notice of Anual General Meeting

Notice is hereby given for the International Formula Windsurfing Class Association Annual General Meeting.

19th of October 2020Formula Foil European championships postponed

9th of October 2020A view from the chair

A few words from Francesco Zarbo.

28th of August 2020Champions Decided at Biggest Ever Formula Foil World Championships

29 women and 133 men representing 4 continents have been battling for honours at the Venora Engadinwind by Dakine 2020, hosted at the spectacular venue Lake Silvaplana.

5th of July 2020Formula Foil World Championships - schedule change

The Vanora Engadinwind by Dakine now also includes the iQFOiL European Championships.

22nd of June 20202020 Engadinwind Festival programme update

The schedule for this championship now runs from 17th to 22nd August.

12th of May 2020Cancelation notice - 2020 Youth and Masters World Championships

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the Polish Windsurfing Association (PSW) in agreement with the International Formula Windsurfing Class Association (IFWC) have been forced to cancel the 2020 Youth and Masters World Championships.

16th of March 2020Formula Foil South Americans a success

43 racers signed up for the first Formula Foil South American Championships hosted by the Asociacion Argentina de Windsurf on Lake Potrerillos, Mendoza, Argentina.

19th of December 2019FW Committee policy for 2020 – titles

The following world titles will be awarded at class championships in 2020 : Mens, Womens, Youth and Masters Formula Foil World Champion

8th of December 2019Vanora ENGADINWIND by Dakine will host the Formula Foil World Championship in 2020

From August 19th to 23rd wonderful valley of the Engadine, lake Silvaplana will be the place to be.