5th of May 2012, Portugal, Alqueva/Monsaraz Iberian Cup

Monsaraz / Iberian Cup 2012 - Final report

Pre-event started on 0 day, day 27/04/2012, with the arrival of some Spanish guys, and the preparation of the organization to have a good organized Championship. The French guys allready had arrived in the day 25/04 to train and to know the racing zone. By the end of this day everything was ready to start the Championship on the next day.

Day 1 - 28/04 - In the morning the rest of the competitors arrived and we began the inscription and the equipment registration. At 13h00 the race office closed and we had 43 inscription´s for this Championship; it was a great number, an increase on last year's 40. The lake is magnificent and everyone loved the place; you park the car 5 meters from the water, have lots of space to rig the equipment, to put the motorhomes, or vans, or tents. The only problem was the weather! This year the weather play us some tricks, cold and rain, not the normal weather for Alentejo Portugal, but what we could do............ At 14h00 was the skippers meeting and the first possible start for racing was at 15h00. We had lots of cloud, some rain, and the wind always changing in intensity (5 to 15 knóts) and changing in direction; it was a complete nightmare for the Race Committee (RC) and for all competitors. Finally the first race started, we the wind shifts and gusts, but this first race was won by Miguel Martinho (POR) followed by Fernando Martinez(ESP) and Yoann Fleury (FRA). Once all competitors finished the first race, the RC started the second race, with wind much worst than the first race! One more time Miguel Martinho won and in second place was again Fernando. Finally the RC finished racing for the first day, the wind dropped and it start to rain ... a lot. The 5 guys disputing the first places was Miguel Martinho, Fernando Martinez, Yoann Fleury, Martin Ervin and Valentin Brault.

Day 2 - 29/04 - The skippers meeting was at 11h00, with a possible start at 12h00, the RC decided they will try to make 3 races back to back, a rest of 20 minutes and then, if possible, a 4th race. The wind was event worse than in the first day, but the RC send everyone to the water to try and do some racing. The RC tried many time to do a race and finally made one, allways with shifty wind and some gusts - a very very hard race. Miguel won again with Martin in second place and Yoann in 3ª place. Finally the RC finished for the day - and the wind dropped completely.

Day 3 - 30/04 - It was the same story as on day 2, but the wind was even worse, with rain. The RC tried many times to start a race, sending everyone to the water, but was impossible to do a race, because the wind only stay 5 to 10 minutes and drop again, because the rain. The racers could go straight to the BBQ and local party with local songs, and very good red wine from the area of Monsaraz.

Day 4 - 01/05. The final day, and the forecast wasn´t so good, but the weather was a litle better, with more sun and less clouds. With only 3 races completed so far in the Championship the RC sent everyone to the water to try to make one more race for the discard. In the beginning the wind was variable with 5 to 10 knóts of wind, finally in the start line the wind was 7 knots and the RC start a race; and fortunately for the RC the wind picks up a little to 10 knots. It was difficult because the wind change a little, and only 11 guys finish the race. After the first race of the day was finished, at last, we had some luck! The wind started to pick up more and we make two races more, go to shore to rest and then a last race of the Championship. In these last 3 races the wind was 15 to 18 knots, constant wind, and excellent for Formula Racing. The last day was a normal day in Alqueva, a great pity in 4 days we only have one day like this. In the end Miguel Martinho won the Championship, followed by Martin Ervin and Fernando Martinez.

For next year we allready schedule the IBERIAN CUP 2013, for Lagos in the south of Portugal, one of the best places and beaches for windsurfing, almost the same place like the 2007 Worlds of Formula Windsurfing. We hope see you there next year.

Vasco Chaveca POR6