7th of April 2012

The next two races on the USWindsurfing 2012 calendar are coming up:

*Kashy Windsurfing Fins Windsurfing Festival — Fri, Apr, 20, 2012 - Sun, Apr, 22, 2012
The Kashy Fins Windsurfing Festival – WET Spring Regatta will be held April 20-22 in Yorktown, VA
The plan is to have Formula and Pro fleet sail Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Other Fleets on Saturday and Sunday only. Racing formats may include Formula, Slalom, Long-distance and enduro. Notice of Race to follow.

See some info from past events at:
http://www.kashyfins.com/Formula_Windsurfing_Festival_2010/ -
Jacksonville Windfest — Sat, Apr, 28, 2012 - Sun, Apr, 29, 2012
The first year for this event which will be held in Jacksonville, Fl at SailLaser, located at Fleming Island Marina. SailLaser is providing race and organizational support, and Fleming Island Club & Marina has graciously agreed to host the event. The venue is the St. Johns River, which is over 2 miles wide at this location. April is a great month for sailing on the River, with the potential for both frontal passages as well as late afternoon seabreezes.
Registration is only $40 ($25 for students) and includes lunch Saturday and Sunday and refreshments Saturday evening. Notice of Race will be available soon.


Here are some comments from Ron Kern.
This will be Jacksonville's first regatta in my memory and will be held on the St. John's River. The brainchild and efforts of Tom Ingram, Vincent Barre and Stuart Davis, it should be a success if we all help support it by showing up, racing, and having a good time! I'm looking forward to both events and am planning on attending both JAX and the Kashy event.

If you are thinking of the Kashy event, here's the B&B closest to Dave's house - https://www.btmanor.com/
They have a special rate with the regatta, Dave thought $125, and it's 1.2mi from Dave's on the same road.
There are regular hotels in Newport, 15 minutes away.
One of the bonuses to Dave's event is the yard camping at his house for tents and vehicles. It's an awesome view and if you are a camper will be one of the best campsites you've ever had!

Dave's house, area and sailing launch are super nice. Flat water, lots of room.

Lots of photos & news from 2011:


Lots of photos & news from 2010:


Dave's website: http://www.kashyfins.com/

Links to all the info about the race, directions, etc.


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