23rd of March 2012, Spain, 2012 Conil FW European Cup & Women, Youth and Masters Europeans

2012 European Cup tour finalised with the addition of Conil, Spain

Preparations for the new European Cup Series has been completed with the addition of the eighth, and final, tour stop. Conil in Andalucia, Spain, will host the final event from 15th to 20th October. Full details of the venue, and schedule planned for Conil, will follow soon.

Meantime here are the details of the 8 event series and the European Cup Competition Rules.

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kaka | 27th March 2012 (11:03:35)

so if I go to all events and spent many tousands euro for that and finish lets say 3rd in whole tour i get 800euros??

ceri | 27th March 2012 (15:15:37)

yes - that is correct

ceri | 27th March 2012 (15:19:10)

5 events are established, open, international events at the same venue each year; 2 are established championships (in Portugal & Italy) that are open but move around the host country.

ceri | 27th March 2012 (15:19:57)

Conil , spain , is anew event - but will become an established regular event on the international calendar

ceri | 27th March 2012 (15:21:32)

we now look for a title sponsor so that we can improve the events regarding prize money offered - better to start somewhere than do nothing !

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