5th of March 2012, USA, 26th Calema Midwinters

2012 Calema Midwinters report ....

Over 30 formula racers enjoyed a windy return of the Calema Midwinters after a break from the international calendar last year.
Seven races were completed over the first 2 days; however, due to wind gusts up to 47mph racing was postponed, and eventually canceled, on the final day - resulting in an earlier awards ceremony.
It was a very close event with only 3 points separating 1st and 3rd - Gabriel Browne (BRA50) eventually triumphant , proving that consistancy is most important , not just race wins!

Top 3:
1 - Gabriel Browne (BRA50)
2 - Micah Buzianis (USA34)
3 - Paulo Dos Reis (BRA3333)
1st Master - Vincent Barre
1st Grandmaster - Ron Kern
1st Woman - Monica Arche

Full Results Calema_Midwinters_results_overall_FW_2012.pdf

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Anonym | 5th March 2012 (22:31:50)

BRA 50 won with a starboard 161 and a proto north sail??
I guess he's got the best of both worlds being able to pick the best equipment without worrying about pleasing a sponsor.
Nice sailing kid!

Anonym | 5th March 2012 (22:41:01)

Paulo would have won the tie breaker if they had 2 throwouts vs 1 for the 7 races.

mk88 | 6th March 2012 (09:49:00)

nice one Paulo - won 3 out of 5!!

Anonym | 6th March 2012 (09:50:38)

sorry - 3 out of 7...

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