5th of March 2012, Portugal, Alqueva/Monsaraz Iberian Cup

2012 European Cup starts soon with Monsaraz Iberian Cup

This established event - the Iberian Cup - will in April 2012 'kick start' the new European Cup. It is also a world ranking event, at level 2; and will be a tour stop for the Iberian Championship, Copa de Espanha and PAN (Portuguese National Ranking). You can download an entry form from the NOR page.

Entry could not be easier, but you have until April 20th to complete an entry and pay the discounted entry fee of 45 Euro. Entries will be accepted after that date - but the fee will be 60 Euro!.

Please enter early, or at least in time ! ...... it greatly assists the organization to have everything prepared for all competitor.
You can also help yourself, and the organisers, by preparing an Equipment Registration Form in advance and bringing it with you to registration. A link to the form is also attached below.

The NOR includes all the informations regarding - accommodations and airport transfers. Here are some helpful comments from the organiser, Vasco Chaveca:

"If you came by air plane, we only have transfer to the race site if a minimum of 5 competitors is arriving at that airport in that day ( 27 of April and 01 of May), if not we cannot do transfer, because the airport is a little far, but you have 3 international airports to chose from.
Regarding accommodation, all the accommodation is 15 to 20 km from the race site; this is a reservation area and for that reason it is forbidden to have big buildings near the lake. Because of that we have several accommodation that you have to choose because the prices are different. Also we don´t have any transfers between accommodations and race site, because all accommodations are small, and is impossible for us in the morning and in the afternoon make a tour for all accommodations and bring the competitors. Apologies, but that is impossible for us. It is possible to camp near the race site, with auto caravans, caravans and tents - the site have WC but without shower. The water from the lake is not salt water, but is almost drinkable water.

Weather and wind - flat water, temperature of water - 23º - Wind between 7 to 20 knots, it is unlikely to have more than 20nots in that time.
It is a dream place to race, to train, to relax, and for vacations with all family. Is a very quite place, without many people there, without the confusion of normal tourist place. If you want you could bring bicycle; kayak or SUP- what ever you want that could put on the water.
We are waiting for you. "


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kaka | 5th March 2012 (13:25:09)

fanatstic, but what are the rules of Eurocup?

ceri | 5th March 2012 (13:32:46)

coming soon

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