8th of July 2011, Puerto Rico, 2011 Puerto Rico FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Day 4 - live report

17:42 | First finishers in Race 11- FRA192, POL10, BRA50, DEN111, USA34, BRA3333, AUS0, POL16, ISR1, BRA999

15:45 | No more racing today - we have scheduled skippers meeting for 10.00 tomorrow; first warning signmal at 11.00

15:18 | FRA192 is leading from POL10 , ARG 3, - Dennis Littel crashed at Mark 1 and had to retire , maybe a knee problem. Aus120 taken out from behind on the staret bline - for sure we have a couple of protests tonight

15:05 | Race 11 underwway - clear start

16:44 | after 10 races - FRA192, BRA3333, BRA50, ISR1, ARG3, AUS0, POL16, DEN1111, USA34, FRA531

14:45 | There has been an accident - the mark 2 is going down, the RC are quickly replacing the mark !

14:43 | Top 10 finishers- FRA192, BRA50, USA34, AUS0, ARG3, POL16, ISR1, BRA3333, DEN111, EST202

14:37 | some adjustment to the course is required before the final race of the day - race 11

14:21 | FRA192 finishes - ahead of BRA50, ARG3, AUS0 ISR1 -but i may need to review that finish

14:12 | Great spectacle - really exciting and easy to follow from the beacch

14:12 | Leading race 10 - FRA192, USA34, BRA50 , ARG3

13:57 | only a few minutes away from the start of race 10 - wind has picked up , and it looks fantastic racing conditions

13:35 | After 9 races - FRA192, BRA3333, ISR1, BRA50, ARG3, AUS0, DEN111, POL16, NED13, USA34

13:22 | Top 10 in race 9 - USA34, ISR1, BRA50, NED13, ARG3, BRA3333, FRA531, AUS0, FRA192, BRA2497,

13:03 | Next warning signal is at 14.00

15:03 |

12:59 | First 5 finishers were - USA34, ISR1, BRA50, NED13, ARG3..

12:48 | At mark 1 for second time - USA34, NED13, ISR1, BRA3333, BRA50

14:43 | the wind is around 9 knots - 4th is FRA531 not 192

12:48 | afterr 1 lap - USA34, NED13, BRA3333, FRA192, ISR1

14:42 | at mark 1 - USA34, NED13, FRA752, BRA3333, FRA531

12:40 | but no OCS ... !

12:39 | clear start in race 9- although a few guys may have been involved in a port tack pile up !

12:25 | Top 5 after 8 races - FRA192, BRA3333, ISR1, ARG3, BRA50

12:11 | The wind is shifting they may have to reset the course

12:10 | First finishers - BRA50, FRA192, ARG3, BRA3333, AUS0, ISR1, POL10, NED13, BRA2497, FRA752

12:05 | At the finish - BRA50, FRA192, ARG3...

11:54 | Still leading is Gabriel Browne (BRA50) from FRA192 and ARG3

11:45 | Leading sailors at half way - BRA50, FRA192, ARG3, BRA3333, POL?, ISR1. AUS0

11:39 | Race 8 is underway in good wind - DOM22 OCS

11:26 | While we are waiting for the first start - a big thank you to mthe sponsors of the event - main sponsors are Municipio de San Juan, Ruerto Rico Tourism, Department of Recreation and Sports , and Corona.

11:18 | The days foorecast did not look good - but it has improved remarkably , lets hope we can get 4 races today . however things change very fast here in Puerto Rico.!

11:17 | Casper is on his way home this morning - we wish him well, a speedy recovery and back on the formula track soon

11:13 | We have lowered postponement - warning signal at 11.30. The wind is 12knots in starting area , with gusts of 15>18

09:10 | I have got AGM hangover - and it is not because of alcohol overload ! Whichever side of the fence you sit - i am sure all concerned believed passionately in the future of the class.

09:07 | Minutes of AGM will be published in due course - the main topics of discussion and debate are the agreed changes to class rules - fro 3 to 2 fins ; from 3 to 2 sails. As ever, there are widely conflicting (different ) viewpoints - and many good arguments on both sides.

09:05 | Skippers meeting today is at 10.30; but for once all the talk is not about the forecast for today , but last nights AGM !

12th of October 2019Working Party Recommendation. 2024 Olympic Games

Following comprehensive on-water testing and evaluation against the approved criteria, the Working Party recommends the selection of the Starboard iFoil as the equipment for the windsurfer events in 2024.

19th of August 2019World Sailing has shortlisted five tenders to attend the Paris

2024 Men's and Women's Windsurfer sea trials from 29 September to 3 October 2019 at Circolo Surf Torbole on Lake Garda, Italy.

12th of August 2019Windsurfing review for Paris 2024

Among the ten events for the Paris 2024 Olympics is Men's and Women's Windsurfing, and a review is underway to determine whether the RS:X equipment, which has served the event since the 2008 Games, will continue beyond Tokyo 2020. World Sailing has received seven tenders by Class Associations and Manufacturers that request consideration to be the selected equipment for Paris 2024.

26th of July 2019MINUTES - 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of International Formula Windsurfing Class

26th of July 2019Survey - 2024 Men’s and Women’s Windsurfer equipment selection

World Sailing is now inviting manufacturers and Class Associations to tender to be selected as the Men's and Women's Windsurfer equipment to be used at the 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.

6th of July 2019The first Formula Windsurfing Foil champion

It was Maciej Rutkowski from Poland and Steve Allen from Australia, who battled it out until the final race.

22nd of June 2019Class Rule C.6.2.1 – Limitations

This rule limits a competitor to the use of ONE (1) FOIL.

22nd of June 2019ELECTIONS - Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

19th of June 2019Agenda - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

3rd of June 20192019 Baltic Cup - video report