7th of July 2011, Puerto Rico, 2011 Puerto Rico FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Day 3 - live report

15:50 | meantime preparations are going ahead for the AGM tonight - 20.00 hrs

15:45 | OK - no more racing today. We have no wind now , but possibility of more thunderstorms. A very unstable winfd situation - we are hoiping for better conditions tomorrow.

14:44 | the wind is too unstable to start a race - intermittent thunder , some promising gusts, but in the end the racers are sent b ack to the beach

13:45 | correction - warning signal at 14.15

13:26 | conditions have improved - we could have first warning signal at 14.30

12:54 | nothing to report here - the storm left and so did the wind. Racing was put on hold, with next announcement at 13.30 . It looks likely we have another postponement until 15.30

09:30 | Morning - a stormy and wet start to today. The forecast is not so good , although i am sure we will get some racing in today