6th of July 2011, Puerto Rico, 2011 Puerto Rico FORMULA WINDSURFING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP

Day two - live report

16:17 | racing tomorrow - first possible at 11,30

15:58 | Top 10 after 7 races - FRA192, BRA3333, ISR1, ARG3, AUS0, BRA50, POL16, DEN111, FRA531, USA34

15:35 | First finishers race 7 - ISR1, FRA192, POL10, ARG3, AUS0, BRA3333, BRA50, POR5, EST202, NED13

17:26 | With 7 races completed the 2nd discard comes in to play - for sure FRA192 heads the ranking ; but it is getting intensely close in the remaining top 10 places

15:25 | We will have a couple of protests tonight - too many port / startboard -Rule 10 - incidents. Sailors do not seem to be observing the basic rules.

15:16 | info was wrong - ISR 1 just ahead of FRA192 , followed by POL10, ARG3, AUS0 ..

15:12 | ISR1 passed FRA192 ...but a superb gybe by Anyoine and he is back in front

17:10 | the leading boards are - FRA192, ISR1, POL10, AUS0, DEN111, ARG3

15:09 | clear start for 4th and final race today

14:25 | first finishers race 6- BRA3333, BRA50, ARG3

14:21 | on lap 2 it is - BRA3333, BRA50, USA34, ARG3..

14:19 | clear start race 6 ... leading on lap 1 - usa34 from bra3333

15:41 | Marion Lepert (USA143) is having a great regatta - still a junior (under 17 ) she is leading every race in the combined women -free formula fleet

13:41 | The wind is still good 15>18 knots - not long to race 6

13:40 | After 5 races the top 10 are - FRA192, BRA3333, ISR1, DEN111, POL16, AUS0, BRA50, ARG3, FRA531, USA34

13:15 | lunch break - next warning signal at 14.00

12:55 | ISR1 broke a mast not a fin - collision with immovable object namely the REEF

12:48 | after 2 laps - FRA192, ARG3, AUS0, BRA333

12:43 | DEN111 came in azfter a collision with FRA1642
ISR 1 broke a fin ...

12:42 | The race is underway - leading are FRA192, ARG3, AUS0, BRA3333

14:32 |

12:30 | we are 5 minutes from the start of race 5

12:20 | Top 5 after 4 races - FRA192, ISR1, BRA3333, DEN111, POL16

12:12 | Leading finishers in race 4 - FRA192, AUS0, NED13, BRA3333, ISR1, ARG3, POL16, FRA531, DEN111, BRA999

12:08 | a short break and then we have race 5. The schedule is to then short break for lunch and restart at 13.30 with race 6

11:58 | that last list was the finishing order - another win for Antoine

13:50 | top positions are now - FRA192, AUS0, NED13, ISR1, BRA3333

13:45 |

11:46 | It is raining hard now and the wind has increased

11:45 | the leading sailors at the moment are - POL10, AUS0, FRA192, ISR1, NED13

11:45 | the leading sailors at the moment are - POL10, AUS0, FRA192, ISR1, NED13

11:36 | Race 4 is underway - OCS were FRA1642 and DR22

11:30 | Five minutes to the start of race 4 - everyone is on big sails today.

10:55 | After the incident Casper sailed in unassisted - and swiftly taken to hospital where he received the best possible treatment. Hopefully we see him back on the race course very soon. Meantime the issue of the boom and rules is under the microscope!

10:50 | The injury was sustained from a brush with the back end of another guys boom - custom back end that must be fitted with something with a sharp edge. Although it is the first incident of this kind recorded ( or known) - contacts of this type are a regular occurance.

10:45 | Hot topic of the day is the injury sustained by Casper Bouman just before the start of race 2 yesterday. But first the good news - he is ok , no serious long term damage ; and he is in remarkably good spirits considering the huge dissappointment he must feel.

10:41 | Good morning. Skippers meeting is over and first possible warning signal is moved to 11.30.
Winds are lighter at the moment and may remain lighter than yesterday throughout the day

13th of February 20192019 Portimao Formula Championships

The International Formula Windsurfing Class return to Praia da Roche, Portimao, for 2 major championships.

4th of February 2019Australian 2019 Nationals

19th of October 20182018 Annual General Meeting minutes

The meeting was held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, Clube Naval Portimao.

9th of October 2018Committee changes ...

Following this years AGM Vasco Chaveca has decided to step down from the class committee.

20th of September 2018Two down and one more to go

After five days being patient paid off and we have our new Raceboard Masters and Formula Windsurfing world champions.

5th of September 2018AGM 2018 of the International Formula Windsurfing Class - Agenda

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the International Formula Windsurfing Class to be held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, after racing in Portimao, Portugal.

20th of August 2018Notice of 2018 AGM

The Annual General Meeting of the Formula Class will take place during the forthcoming World Championships in Portimao, Portugal on Wednesday, september 19th.

6th of July 2018Janis Preiss and Steve Allen win the European Championships

With one race to go both Janis and Steve have secured top spots in the championships for Formula Windsurfing and Formula Windsurfing FOIL.

25th of May 2018Data Protection Policy

We have rewritten our Privacy and Data Protection Policies to ensure that they clearly outline what data we gather.

30th of April 2018Hubert Mokrzycki from Poland claims title in Lagos

Congratulating the overall winner and Masters Champion Hubert Mokrzycki from Poland, and Youth Champion Fernando Lamadrid from Spain.